Worrisome new tech trend – social media and violence in schools

Today, a pi. Myers TV station interviewed me about threats of school violence on social media platforms. I brought up the same subject last week on a Tallahassee TV station.

Of all the interesting things in tech – as well as the most devious (see Log4J operation, which we’ll try to resolve next week, contact your IT specialist for advice) – shocking the threat of violence in schools is all the rage.

People, especially young people, have always pushed the boundaries of bad behavior, but due to the sense of anonymity on social platforms, this behavior has now reached epic proportions.

It got so bad that as of December 17th there is a TikTok trend / challenge suggesting that there will be violence across the country in our schools.

Sick, right?

Most likely, it’s a group of kids trying to get out of school; but how can law enforcement, educators and parents not take it seriously?

In Florida, schools are posting warnings, like this one in citrus county while they monitor the situation with the police. In central Florida, seven threats and acts of violence were reported in the last 11 days only.

Schools handle every situation differently, from closures to increased police presence, and it’s intimidating.

This isn’t the first time that a social media challenge has been a huge issue.

Earlier this year there was the “slap a teacher»Challenge which made the news, as well as the« sly licks »challenge. The two caused trouble for everyone involved, taking untold amounts of time and causing damage statewide.

Broward County Schools made a public statement at the time:

“Broward County Public Schools are aware of the monthly virtual challenges that are circulating on the TikTok social media platform. The most recent challenge encourages students to commit a violent act by slapping a teacher or school staff member. The previous challenges led to the destruction of school property and theft. District and school leaders continue to educate families about these dangerous challenges and remind them that students will face school discipline and the consequences of law enforcement if they participate. Ensuring safe and secure learning environments for our students, teachers and staff remains our top priority. “

I write about technology and the bad behavior that goes with it: Revenge porn, hacking, fraud, etc.

This, well, that’s just too much.

Attack teachers, threaten gun violence against other students? The platforms themselves must wake up and immediately ban accounts that threaten violence and stop this bad behavior at the base, if Twitter can remove the account of the President of the United States, it is reasonable to think that TikTok could do more by regarding these threats.

A student was arrested this week and arrested on Wednesday for Threatens to Kill Pompano Beach School Students.

I sincerely hope that the trend / challenge of December 17th is just noise and those who started it get caught and the impressionable and deranged young people in our country don’t buy into it.

If you see anything, call your local police department and be sure to check out the Department of Education app called FortifyFlorida which can also be used to report suspicious activity.

Prayers for everyone as we move into Christmas week and be safe there.


Blake dowling is the CEO of Aegis Business Technologies and can be contacted at [email protected].

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