World Of Hyatt Offers Expansions And Points For Expiring Rewards

While there is a lot to love about World of Hyatt, a few weeks ago I wrote that the program apparently does not extend rewards that are about to expire, including rewards from suite upgrade, club access rewards and free night rewards.

Most of the competitors offer proactive extensions of earned rewards, which disappointed many members. It looks like there is at least some good news on this front.

Hyatt offering points and extensions for expiring rewards

It appears that over the past two days, World of Hyatt has implemented a new policy regarding certificate expiration. Traveling Well for Less covers that, and I have several reader data points that match this experience.

There is no official extension policy here, but rather that agents are now allowed to donate something for expiring rewards. So while this is really a case of “your mileage may vary”, here is what I hear:

  • Those whose club access rewards expire on December 31, 2021 are offered 500 points or 3,000 points per expiring certificate; this is generous, because many globalist members never use them anyway
  • Those with suite upgrade rewards expiring on December 31, 2021 or February 28, 2022, see them partially extended; some are extended for six months, while others are extended for 12 months, and in some cases only part of the certificates are extended (e.g. two out of three)
  • Those whose Free Night rewards expire on December 31, 2021 aren’t offered any data point-based expansions I’ve seen so far; However, as has always been the policy, after they expire, you can contact World of Hyatt and claim 10,000 points per expired Category 1-4 Free Night Certificate and 20,000 points per Category 1-7 Free Night Certificate. expired

Let me stress that the above information is based on multiple data points. This is not a published policy by World of Hyatt, so if you do decide to request an extension or points, word it as a question rather than a request, as it is not promised.

Receive points for club access rewards that expire

What’s the best way to contact Hyatt?

It seems there are a number of ways people can get lucky to get extended rewards:

  • You can call World of Hyatt customer service
  • You can contact your My Hyatt Concierge, if you have one
  • You can use the live chat feature in the World of Hyatt app

To share my experience, I decided to send a message through World of Hyatt’s live chat feature, and here’s how the conversation went:

Me: Hello, I had read that World of Hyatt can credit up to 3000 points per expiring club access reward. I wanted to check if there was a way to apply it to my account? Thank you for your help and have a nice holiday! ??
Agent: Salvation! Unfortunately, this is not correct. However, I would be happy to check your account to see if any options are available.
Me: Thanks for checking out!
Agent: Thank you for your patience! I can offer 500 points per reward. For a total of 2000 points. Do you want to proceed.

Indeed, the points were credited to my account straight away. Wow!

Some suite upgrade rewards are extended

At the end of the line

While World of Hyatt does not outright extend expiring rewards to all members, the data points suggest that World of Hyatt agents are now empowered to do something. Specifically, members are offered 500 or 3,000 points per expiring club access reward, and suite upgrade rewards are at least partially extended from six to 12 months.

When it comes to the Free Night Awards, it appears that members are told they may receive points after certificates expire – this comes in the form of 10,000 points for a Category 1 Free Night award. -4, or 20,000 points for a category 1 -7 free nights.

Again, this is all based on data points only, so while there is obviously a new internal policy in place now, it is not publicly available. If you are going to ask for some of the above, be sure to ask nicely, rather than demanding.

Please report any data points on World of Hyatt Reward Extensions!

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