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Australian Woodside has deployed its first 3D printed component in critical service on a production asset.

The company’s innovative move saw a 3D printed valve installed on its Goodwyn A Down Under platform.

Woodside collaborated with Monash University’s FutureLab, as well as external original equipment manufacturers, to apply 3D printing – also known as additive manufacturing – in the redesign of a single-flange body stainless steel, a type of double block and bleed valve used to safely isolate instruments during maintenance work.

Shaun Gregory, Woodside’s executive vice president, sustainability, said additive manufacturing can solve many of the problems that heavy industry faces when it comes to replacing parts that the equipment manufacturer uses. origin can no longer supply.

“It can be energy-intensive, time-consuming and expensive to find spares for these parts,” he said.

“The use of additive manufacturing offers an innovative solution to these constraints.

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“Our application of this technology means we can make full use of the flexibility it affords, allowing us to update and improve spare part designs and incorporate additional efficiencies into our operations,” he added.

The next component to be installed under Woodside’s program will be an additively fabricated stainless steel inducer on Okha’s floating production, storage and offloading facility, which operates in the Carnarvon Basin offshore ‘Australia.

The company has also developed a digital app that allows users to submit requests for items to be manufactured additively.

After being reviewed, requests are forwarded to a supplier who will print and deliver the part, the details of which will then be added to Woodside’s digital library.

“The deployment of additive manufacturing at Woodside takes advantage of the latest technologies and manufacturing processes and gives us a competitive advantage,” said Gregory.

“At Woodside, we embrace innovation, and our digital app will enable our employees to continue to seek opportunities to apply additive manufacturing in our operations.”

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