Will the Dream11-Khaby Lame collaboration bring a new dimension to Indian influencer marketing?

There will now be more cross-border collaborations between content creators and brands, experts say.

Fantasy sports platform Dream11 recently collaborated with Italian social media influencer Khaby Lame. It is part of Dream11’s 2021 Indian Premier League (IPL) campaign, titled # Dream11PeDimaagLagaNa.

Lame is famous the world over for his short, wordless comedy clips. He became popular on TikTok and is now the second most followed TikToker in the world, with over 110 million followers. He also has over 46 million followers on Instagram.

Created by White Rivers Media, the video opens with Indian digital creator Viraj Ghelani talking about an unnecessarily complicated way of consuming French fries. Lame then shows how it should be done simply and reiterates the brand’s message – use its intellectual power to choose a Dream11 team, not to complicate simple tasks.

This is Lame’s first collaboration with an Indian brand and, according to media reports, he was paid a whopping Rs 2 crore for it.

Speaking to afaqs !, Shrenik Gandhi, Co-Founder and CEO of White Rivers Media, said: “Khaby Lame is a simple man, who tries to keep things simple. This bond of influence is built on that. The basic premise of the brand is also just to use your brain and it has been using the slogan “Dimaag lagana hai to Dream11 by lagao” for quite some time now. This is why they complement each other perfectly.

Gandhi mentions that the challenge of any branding campaign these days (IPL) is to stand out. Therefore, the team wanted to do something different to reach the audience and get rid of the clutter.

Speaking about the impact of this merger on the Indian influencer marketing landscape, Gandhi says, “Influencer marketing is already changing and in the future, the biggest brands will like to collaborate not only with Khaby. , but also with other internationally renowned influencers. “

As to whether the cost of obtaining an international influencer justifies the returns generated by the campaign, Gandhi says, “I believe content is king and the whole campaign depends on it. If you watch the campaign, 60% of the video contains no music. The brand must adapt to the influencer, and the same goes for a successful collaboration.

“The brand has to put aside its preconceptions about the influencer for this, otherwise the cost involved will never be worth it. They both have different audiences and need to respect each other to create something together. “

afaq! also reached out to industry experts to get their thoughts on this campaign. Manesh Swamy, senior vice president – creative, social, public relations, marcom, Logicserve Digital, believes Ghelani was a good fit to play Lame’s counterpart. The latter plays the part of the obvious with its content fairly well.

“The cost of talent is a bomb! But Khaby is a big name and very popular on TikTok and Instagram around the world. If the influencer helps you get the message across or sell a proposition, the brand is taking a gamble. And, I guess, it paid off. At least in this case, they managed to create the right buzz. I’m sure this content performed better, or equals their star campaigns, ”adds Swamy.

Explaining the merits of investing in global talent, Rohit Kumar MS, co-founder-partner of Zensciences, says: “The costs of endorsing celebrities and influencers in a global marketplace are obviously much higher than what Indian marketers may be used to it. However, this should really be seen as an investment in a global market and allowing for very high reach and engagement. I’m waiting to see which Indian brand is now going to the Super Bowl and similar events. “

Archit Agarwal, digital specialist at The Mavericks, hopes for more cross-border collaborations between content creators and brands. He says Instagram’s “creation program,” which periodically brings together global and Indian content creators, is a prime example.

According to Agarwal, the focus should always be on the message rather than the cost. “It looks like Dream11 has taken the same approach. He wanted to build the concept, adapt the message, then tried to identify the creator to collaborate with. Considering the content created here and the wide network it throws in from a brand awareness standpoint, the cost is fair, ”he concludes.

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