Vote buying takes on new dimensions – The Sun Nigeria

From Oluseye Ojo, Osogbo

Vote buying has surfaced in the ongoing gubernatorial election in Osun State, using scientific methods, different from those seen in the gubernatorial poll in Ekiti State on last month.

This journalist’s investigation revealed that the new scientific methods have been adopted by political parties to win votes, away from the prying eyes of security agencies, particularly the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The new techniques were noticed in some polling units along the Aregbe-Olaiya axis of the Ogo Oluwa-Abere road from Osogbo, including one polling unit, very close to the new flyover built by the governor’s administration Gboyega Oyetola in the Olaiya region of Osogbo.

New methods include assigning someone to stay at a location near the polling station and monitor voters. Once it is confirmed that a vote seller has voted for a favorite party of the vote buyers, he or she would be directed to a nearby location to write their name. Then, a tally would be given to the person. Subsequently, the tally would be used to raise money to bid on the vote-buyers.

People who have the money with them would stay in a corner and some men were assigned to cautiously loiter around the place to keep intruders out. The authors of names recruited for this purpose are mostly young women.

It has been observed that the perpetrators of vote buys and sells are very tight-lipped about this as without investigative instinct it would seem that nothing like this happens.

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