VideoAmp, ViacomCBS TV measurement partnership |

September 29, 2021

The software and data platform, VideoAmp, has announced a partnership with ViacomCBS in which it will provide the media and entertainment company with an alternative currency to plan, process and measure national media campaigns.

Through this partnership, ViacomCBS will leverage VideoAmp’s proprietary TV audience data set to ensure linear media transactions by age and gender. Additionally, ViacomCBS will use VideoAmp data as the underlying currency to create and deliver media campaigns against custom advanced audience segments through Vantage, ViacomCBS’s advanced advertising platform.

“We are excited to partner with ViacomCBS as an alternative currency as they enter a new broadcast season. We really appreciate ViacomCBS and its forward-thinking strategy when it comes to a new era of media transaction, measurement and, ultimately, the forex options that fuel it. We want to unlock value for publishers in a secure-for-privacy way that keeps their audience front and center, no matter what channel they use, ”said Ross McCray, CEO and co-founder of VideoAmp.

“The measurement market needs diversification. VideoAmp is an innovator who can help us accelerate our vision for the future of currency. We’re excited to leverage their platform to bring better insights and metrics to advertisers and their agencies, ”said John Halley, Director of Ad Revenue Operations at ViacomCBS.

Earlier this month, VideoAmp announced pilot programs with six major ad portfolio companies as part of their efforts to unite the industry around an alternative independent measurement option.

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