Unlock the Secrets of the 4th Dimension with Dr. Atominus on Xbox

You should never expect too much from a game that only costs you £ 4.19 in cash. Fortunately, Dr. Atominus doesn’t even try to deliver stupidly long promises either. This is a short platform game that combines elements of metroidvania with a sci-fi story. No more no less.

Available to purchase and download now from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, Dr. Atominus is the latest inexpensive deal to come out of Team Xitilon – they’ve recently fallen behind. Butterfly, Synchro hedgehogs, Escape sequence and more.

That only promises a couple of things – giving you the chance to unravel the secrets of the 4th dimension and prove to your cruel master that being kind could in fact be a viable way of life. Knitting in a cool sci-fi tale with metroidvania-style elements just helps confirm what gamers are looking for.

A simple affair, although it ends in three different endings, Dr. Atominus will make you jump, stomp, swim, blast your way to new abilities; abilities that you will need to make the most of if you are to succeed in your quest to turn the five bosses up.

Do it, and well, you will have proven that you are the best Dr. Atominus that ever existed. If you fail, you will have to try and try again.

Our full Dr. Atominus Xbox review is in preparation and will be delivered to you shortly. If you want to take a punt, go to Xbox Store and nail this download. Let us know what you think after you’ve spent some time with it.

Description of the game:

Dr. Atominus is a short platform game with metroidvania elements and a cool sci-fi story. Uncover the secrets of the 4th dimension. Run away from your cruel master… or is there a way to make peace?

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