UN to discuss ‘humanitarian crisis of epic proportions’


Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Sunday expressed hope that UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres after visiting the flood affected areas will appeal to the international community to lend a hand to Pakistan then as it battles devastation after unprecedented flooding.

Speaking to the media after a visit to Mazar-e-Quaid on the 74 of the country’s foundere anniversary of death, CM Shah said that the UN Secretary General (UNSG) personally witnessed the destruction caused by rain-triggered floods in Pakistan, especially in Sindh and Balochistan, and that during the next session of the UN, the humanitarian crisis will be discussed.

“I’m sure the international community would help us deal with the situation and rehabilitate those affected,” he said.

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The Chief Minister expressed his disbelief saying he had never seen such a disaster. “More than 1.5 million people have been displaced, including more than 600,000 displaced to camps,” he said and added that he had asked the UNSG for help in the form of tents and medicine. .

CM Shah said he released the budget allocated for the purchase of medicines so that people affected by the floods and facing different ailments can be treated properly.

Responding to a question, the Minister said standing crops worth Rs 50 billion had been washed away. “I discussed with the UN secretary general that we have to come up with an agricultural package, otherwise the grower would not be able to sow Rabi crops,” he said and added that he was trying to to drain farmland so that Rabi’s crops can be grown. planted the first week of December.

According to the Chief Minister of Sindh, his government is trying to prepare at least 75% of agricultural land for wheat harvest. “We have lost our standing rice and cotton crops in this Kharif and we could not afford to lose crops from Rabi,” he added.

The Chief Minister also lamented the indecent and inhuman statements that were made to the flood affected people who came to Karachi.

“Karachi is part of the province, and we are making arrangements to move them to the camps and we will take care of them,” he said, adding that the displaced people were “suffering and their dispossession [in the flood] demand that each of us, according to his status and position, contribute to their rehabilitation”.

CM Shah also admitted that power providers including K-Electric, Hesco and Sepco failed to deliver. “I am sorry to say that our electricity distribution companies, in particular Hesco and Sepco, had no contingency plan to continue supplying electricity at least to the pump stations involved in pumping the rainwater from towns and villages,” he said.

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The CM paid tribute to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. Praising the leadership of the Founding Father, the Chief Minister said that it was through his efforts that a separate homeland for Muslims from the subcontinent had been created in India.

“It is our greatest responsibility to make this country a cradle of peace and home to a strong nation.”

After laying a wreath and offering fatha (prayer), CM Shah records his impressions in the guest book opened on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the death of the father of the nation. He was accompanied by members of his cabinet, Saeed Ghani, Shahla Raza, Advisor Rasool Bux Chandio and others.

“We have won this country with its struggle; therefore, it becomes our responsibility to save, protect this nation and empower it to prosper,” he said.

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