This Seasoned Actor-Director Has Brought Comedy To New Dimensions In Hindi Cinema

The comedic spirit of Hindi cinema has always captivated people with its sophistication. The comedy also gave people the opportunity to tickle apart from the masala and the ongoing drama in Hindi cinema. Looking at comedy and its level in movies today, you will definitely use the word for it. But there was a time when comedy films made a big mark among the masses on Bollywood’s golden journey. There are movies filled with comedy between drama movies and action movies that still make people laugh today.

Among filmmakers like Rajkapoor and BR Chopra, there was a name that showed the courage to alleviate the issue of the social environment in cinema. It was Hrishikesh Mukherjee who gave comedy a new dimension in Hindi cinema. The films of Hrishi Da articulated laugh deeply. Born in Calcutta today, September 30, 1922, Mukherjee taught math and science before appearing in films. He loved to play chess.

He received the same cinematic sacraments from the New Theater in Kolkata. Popular director Bimal Rai also has a big part in shaping his talent correctly. Mukherjee worked as Rai’s assistant in the 1951 film “Do Bigha Zameen”. Mukherjee started his career as assistant director to Bimal Rai in 1951. After working with him for 6 years, he started his directorial career in 1957 with the movie “Musafir”.

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