The MCU’s Galactus may not be a big enough threat in Phase Four

A villain first arrived in Marvel’s world as the greatest threat of all time, but his introduction into the MCU could fall flat after Thanos.

When Marvel’s heroes first faced off against Galactus in the comics, he was a threat unlike any they had ever seen. Known as the Devourer of the World, Galactus’ reputation has continued over the years as one of the greatest threats in the Marvel Universe, and anticipating his arrival, he has been erected into one of the greatest villains looming in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. .

And yet, its impact can be cushioned so late in the history of the MCU, when doomsday threats are a dime. So in this case, let’s see if Galactus can carry the same gravity and dread for the movies he first inspired in the comics.

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Heroes Reborn Galactus

When Galactus first appeared in 1966 The Fantastic Four # 48, it came from the fact that creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were fantasizing about a story in which the Marvel super-team faced a bigger and more powerful threat than ever before. Conceiving a divine being who devoured the planets, his arrival on Earth almost ended all of humanity as the powers of the Fantastic Four made them nothing but insects for the titanic figure. It boiled down to their use of mind and sanity to stop a threat more powerful than ever, and over the years Galactus has maintained his status as one of Marvel’s most powerful cosmic beings, even if more powerful threats were introduced.

But in the MCU, Earth’s heroes have already faced threats far greater than those that threaten a single planet. The first one Avengers movie had an army of aliens in New York with the intention of conquering the planet, its sequel starred Ultron threatening humanity with an extinction level event and even as recently as Eternal, MCU films feature the destruction or death of billions of lives as a regular threat. And in Thanos’ wake combining the power of the Infinity Stones and wiping out half of all life in the entire universe, even the average MCU citizen is aware of the cosmic threats that can destroy billions of lives in an instant.

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Even in the latest MCU installments, a threat of a world end looks like little potatoes, with What if…? posing a threat to the entire multiverse. The parallels to Galactus became immediately apparent as the alternate reality Ultron, imbued with the power of the Vision Body and all the Infinity Stones, crushed an entire galaxy in a way reminiscent of the World Eater himself. . In order for Galactus to truly feel like the threat he poses in the comics, the MCU may need to scale up the scale it operates on to even more cosmic proportions just to invoke the same sense of dread.

However, the constant race to raise the stakes even further must end one day. As the MCU introduces more street heroes like Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel, it’s clear that not every store project for the universe needs to have such big consequences. Rather than ramping up Galactus’ power to such epic proportions, the MCU would do well to focus on responding on a human level to such a threat. The drama can still seem intense and overwhelming even when its magnitude does not exceed those of the dangers that preceded it. As the MCU presents its take on the Fantastic Four, staying focused on the human scale of its characters can help Galactus feel as godly and massive as he was when he first appeared in the comics.

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Ultron becomes Galactus, in a way, in What If

There is also the possibility of incorporating the threat of Galactus into larger galactic affairs. In comics, he often serves as a destabilizing force that motivates events like Secret invasion, himself destined to receive an adaptation in the MCU, so rather than treating him as the main villain, it may make more sense to bring in Galactus as a significant part of a larger threat that is affecting the political landscape of Civilizations. stellar like the Kree and the Skrulls.

In any case, there is a lot of classic adaptation The Fantastic Four stories in the MCU that require them to be done differently than how they were originally executed. As Marvel’s first family, the Fantastic Four from the comics broke new ground on many concepts that now precede their introduction into the MCU. Galactus will need to undergo a few changes in order to truly fit into the modern mythology of the movies, and fans can’t really expect to have the same old villains when the world he’s featured in is so drastically different.

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