The dimensions of the Xiaomi 12 have been unveiled, and it is obviously positioned as a competitor of the Galaxy S22

In general, most new high-end smartphones are huge; small phones are not as popular as big phones, as evidenced by dismal sales of the iPhone 12 mini and the lack of smaller mobile options in the market. The lowest-end Samsung Galaxy S phone every year is an aberration in this trend, but official Xiaomi 12 news suggests the Galaxy S22 2018 may have tight competition. Xiaomi teased information about its new family of smartphones ahead of its official debut on December 28, and it announced that the Xiaomi 12 will have a 6.28-inch display on Chinese social media network Weibo.

It’s hard to see the 0.6 inch shrinkage between Mi generations as anything other than a direct move on Xiaomi’s part to better compete with Samsung’s flagship offering – we don’t really see any other Android mobiles. premium with 6.2 inch screens. We already know that the Xiaomi 12 is launched with a wider option, so people who want giant screens will be served with the new phones, but now those who need more compact devices will have an option as well. Xiaomi didn’t really have such a phone in its lineup before, so it’s a smart move to cater to a select audience that previously had to stick with a Galaxy S mobile.

It’s positively small compared to the 6.81 inch screen of the Xiaomi Mi 11. In the post, Xiaomi compared it to the 6.1 inch iPhone 13. Given that we expect the Xiaomi 12 to launch alongside a similarly designed sibling, there could still be a big mobile launch, but now we know the base model will be rather small. We would expect the Galaxy S22 to be 6.2 inches as well, as it was the size of the S21 and Samsung doesn’t change too much between generations. So while one of the big differences between Xiaomi and Samsung 2021 phones was the screen size, that doesn’t appear to be the case for 2022.

However, the Xiaomi 12 will likely remain the most premium option in terms of design. With the latest generations of Galaxy S flagships, Samsung has embraced features more often seen in budget devices, like plastic constructions and flat-bezel displays, while we’ll likely see the Xiaomi 12 having a curved-edge display. and a glass back. Various posters have shown the front of the Xiaomi 12 countless times, but we’re still waiting to see its back – or anything about its internals, really. TechRadar will be covering the December 28 launch live, so check back to the site for everything you need to know about the new flagship phone. specializing in phones and tablets, but it also deals with other technologies such as electric scooters, smart watches, fitness trackers etc.

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  • The dimensions of the Xiaomi 12 have been unveiled, and it is obviously positioned as a competitor of the Galaxy S22
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