The compensation for Amari Cooper is fantastic but the cost is too high

The Cleveland Browns landed Amari Cooper in a trade with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Cleveland Browns pulled off a heist of epic proportions, trade with the Dallas Cowboys and giving up nothing more than a fifth and a sixth-round pick to land Amari Cooper. The trade came out of nowhere and was considered a near impossibility due to the size of Cooper’s contract. Cooper still has three years and $60 million remaining on his contract, which works out to $20 million a year. Including in 2022.

The Browns landing Cooper was the right move, and clearly there were people willing to trade for him, and his deal, or the Browns would have just waited for him to be released. Now, it’s early days, but according to Spotrac, Cooper has no money guaranteed after the trade and that’s where the Browns need to rectify a big problem with this trade.

Cooper is not worth $20 million. Getting Cooper was the right decision. It honestly was, and if you draft Chris Olave or Garrett Wilson to face him, then this offense and his quarterback will have no more excuses. This is the path they should follow, ideally.

But they have to rework Cooper’s $20 million a year figure because the Browns can’t keep overpaying the guys who aren’t producing. I was a big fan of acquiring Cooper, assuming he was a free agent and coming in at a cut-rate.

Amari Cooper and the Cleveland Browns must rework the contract.

If what Spotrac is reporting on his contract is true, and I have little reason to doubt it is, then the Browns should shelve the idea of ​​a money guarantee for him to rework his cap figure. . From now on, Cooper could be released by the Browns and the Browns will owe him nothing. Allegedly.

Use him as leverage, make him an offer of $45 million over three years (tops) and guarantee $30 million. It seems unlikely, barring injury, that Cooper couldn’t produce to the same level as a healthy Jarvis Landry, so that would be a good number.

The Browns need to replace Jadeveon Clowney, acquire two defensive ends and they just tweeted they’re looking at linebackers before free agency, so who knows how much they’re willing to spend there.

The Cleveland Browns are $3 million in the red after the move according to Spotrac, so there’s no doubt about it, the Browns need to rework Cooper’s deal. It’s really not up for debate if they want to keep most of their core intact.

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