The 15 Best Chrome Extensions to Improve Productivity

  • Chrome extensions let you add thousands of different apps and features to your web browser.
  • The Google Dictionary and Google Translate extensions, for example, allow you to easily define words and translate web pages from foreign languages.
  • Here are 15 of the best extensions for Chrome that can improve your productivity.
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Chrome has become the web browser of choice for many people. That’s because it’s a fast and efficient browser with lots of built-in features. But Chrome can do more when paired with the Chrome Web Store’s seemingly endless extensions. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best Chrome extensions designed to boost your productivity, whether you use Chrome for work, play, or creative pursuits.


Loom Extension in Chrome

Loom lets you record a screencast of any tab or window, or the entire desktop.

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Need to record a screencast? Loom makes it easy. You can record a specific window, a browser tab, or the entire desktop with audio narration with just a few clicks. The best feature is the optional talking-head video it can capture using your webcam – you appear in a small round window in the corner of the screen for an extra professional polish. When you’re done, you can share your videos via email.


TinEye is a reverse image search tool. Want to know where a particular image came from or where it is used online? Click the TinEye extension button to access the TinEye website, then drag any online image onto the page, even directly from another site without downloading it first. After a while, TinEye will show you all the sites where it found that same image.


FoxClocks extension in Chrome

Put all the time zones important to you on screen all the time with FoxClocks.

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If you work with team members, partners, or clients across the country or around the world, it can be important to know what time it is in seven time zones. FoxClocks lets you create a list of cities and displays the time in a bar at the top or bottom of your browser. Or see the time in a drop-down menu when you click the extension button in the toolbar.


Todoist is a beloved organizer and list manager that syncs your tasks and activities across your computer and other devices. The extension places your Todoist items in a drop-down menu, so you don’t have to open a new window or app to see what’s on your agenda for the day. You can also add new tasks, set goals, and check team members who are also using Todoist from here as well.

Email search

As the name suggests, Email Finder makes it easy to find email addresses for business contacts. It works in conjunction with LinkedIn and can fetch email addresses from any company or search page. All contacts are automatically stored in the cloud at GetProspect where you can create mailing lists and export them elsewhere.


Bitwarden Extension in Chrome

Bitwarden is a free password manager with an excellent browser extension.

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It’s 2022, and now everyone should be using a password manager to securely manage their hundreds of passwords. One of the best (and free) password managers is Bitwarden, and the Bitwarden extension for Chrome should be considered mandatory. It allows you to connect to websites with one click and also allows you to access secure documents from any site.

save in pocket

This might sound a little strange because Pocket – a handy tool for saving websites you want to see later – is owned by Mozilla and has been integrated into Firefox. But you can also use the Pocket extension to reserve websites for later reading in Chrome. You can view your Pocket Reading collection in Chrome, Firefox, on your computer, or in an app on your mobile device.

Printable and PDF version

Printable version and PDF extension in Chrome

Use the Print Friendly & PDF extension to remove all advertisements from a web page.

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Print Friendly & PDF removes all ads, navigation controls, and other unnecessary elements from a web page that you want to print, share via email, or save as a PDF. Just navigate to the page, select the extension, and it opens in a new window that you can print, save, or share. You’ll be amazed at how compact many web pages will look in this streamlined form.


Paper turns your Chrome browser into an always-at-hand notepad for taking notes. Whether you want to save a work note for later, a grocery item, or random notes on your next novel, just open a new blank tab in Chrome. Paper converts the empty tab into a free-form notebook. Add titles, simple formatting, bulleted lists, and text. Everything is automatically saved in Chrome, so you don’t even have to create an account to use it.

Full page screenshot

Full Page Screenshot Extension in Chrome

Get a single screenshot of any page, regardless of its length.

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Most web pages extend far beyond the bottom of the computer screen, but Full Page Screen Capture takes a long screenshot of the entire page with a single click. After capturing the entire page into a single image, you can save it to your computer in PNG or PDF format and even edit it by adding lines, arrows, and other shapes.

Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail makes your Gmail accounts accessible from anywhere; click on the extension and you get a drop-down menu that shows your inbox. You can read, reply, delete and manage emails from there, as well as easily switch between accounts to see all your emails at once. With Checker Plus, you’ll almost never need to open Gmail in a dedicated browser tab.

Google Translate

Google Translate extension in Chrome

Google Translate can display any web page in English.

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There are many ways to get translations online, but few are as easy as using the Google Translate extension. After installing this add-on, simply select the foreign language text on the page and click the Google Translate icon that appears next to the selection. It is translated automatically and you don’t even have to specify the language.


One of the most popular online spelling and grammar checker, you can use the Grammarly extension to get improved writing tips on almost any website, including social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook . There is a paid premium version of Grammarly for advanced editing, but you can enjoy its excellent spelling and grammar checking for free.

google dictionary

Extension of the Google Dictionary in Chrome

The Google Dictionary pop-up defines any word you choose.

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Need help with vocabulary? Especially handy if you’re reading technical articles with domain-specific jargon, Google Dictionary is like Google Translate, except the words are already in English. Double-click any word on the page and Google Translate opens a pop-up window with an audio definition and pronunciation.

Zoom Planner

If you use Google Calendar but prefer



Google Meet

(or you’re prompted for Zoom), you can use Zoom’s Scheduler extension to start or schedule Zoom meetings right in your Google Calendar, saving you the hassle of switching between two apps and organizing them.

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