Target training: get detailed information for technicians

Instead of having technicians taking crash courses for long hours, Today’s Class adds another dimension to Tire Industry Association (TIA) training by making content specific to a technician’s needs and delivering it in small pieces.

A panel led by David Boyes, President, Today’s Class, and Paul Pate, Adaptive Learning Architect, Today’s Class, spoke about these challenges at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

Obviously, the technician market is tight right now, but almost as big a challenge is keeping technicians up to date on their training with the pace of change and technology,

The idea is to make it manageable for the management and the employee.

Here are some quick hits from the panel.

* The average attention span of an adult male is getting shorter and shorter and now measures 7.7 seconds.

* Young technicians are more used to technology and a computer in their hand than to any tool they would use.

* It is very difficult to carve out large chunks of time in someone’s day, but there are minutes available that day.

When it comes to the five-minute training sessions themselves, Today’s Class tailors the training for that specific technician, like Netflix tailors the movie suggestions based on the ones you’ve watched recently. Today’s class follows how a technician learns and tries to tailor the class to that person’s needs.

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