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LONDON and CHICAGO, October 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Stats Perform Integrity and Starlizard Integrity Services published their fourth annual suspicious betting trends report in the Global Football Report. The report aims to provide other stakeholders in the sports integrity community with meaningful and informative insight into current trends in suspicious football betting.

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A detailed analysis was conducted of the betting markets offered on 61,296 football matches played globally in 2020. While this represents a 23% drop from the 80,939 matches analyzed the previous year – mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic causing the cancellation of so many matches – it is comparable to the 62,250 matches analyzed two years ago.

Main conclusions of the 2021 report on suspicious betting trends in world football:

  • Despite concerns about the increased short-term risks in football due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 217 (0.35%) games in 2020 were identified as suspect, a reduction in real terms and as a percentage by compared to 456 (0.56%) matches in last year’s report.
  • This is the third year in a row that the proportion of identified suspicious matches has declined, and it’s now more than 50% lower than our inaugural 2018 report, where 0.73% of matches were identified as suspicious.
  • The proportion of suspicious matches in 2020 peaked in the spring, when betting focused on friendlies and smaller competitions. However, during the fall months, as meeting schedules returned to relative normality, proportions fell well below those of previous years.
  • 42% of all suspicious matches were at the highest level of domestic football in the country in which they took place. 36% of suspicious matches took place at the second highest level in domestic football.
  • As in previous editions of the report, friendlies continue to pose significant problems for football authorities. 1.19% of friendlies analyzed were suspect, which is an increase from 0.67% in last year’s report. Concerns about friendlies are heightened when they take place in countries where the risk of suspicious competitive matches is historically heightened.
  • Suspicious matches in women’s football remain rare, with only one identified among more than 3,700 matches analyzed.
  • A number of case studies were identified in which interventions by football authorities and law enforcement preceded a significant reduction in suspicious matches.

The Stats Perform Integrity and Starlizard Integrity Services teams worked together, each using their own advanced internal systems and analytical capabilities to examine the betting markets on each match in the study.

The results are an in-depth analysis of the major betting markets (Asian Handicap Markets, 1X2 and Total Goals) on soccer matches, including national and international competitions, in 112 countries and six continents. The betting markets for all matches have been thoroughly examined, in real time and in retrospect, to identify any suspicious bets. The result of the analysis identified the betting markets associated with 217 matches as suspect.

This report provides a detailed breakdown of where and when the suspicious matches took place and compares the results to previous years. It examines the venues, times, levels and levels of competition, and whether the suspicious bet took place in youth, international, friendly or women’s matches. The report also notes the effects of law enforcement measures on match-fixing.

Now in its fourth year, the Suspicious Betting Trends in Global Football report has become a much anticipated publication by integrity actors and seeks to provide valuable insight into the match-fixing risk the sport faces.

Jake marais, Global Head of Integrity, Stats Perform: “After four years of publishing this report, it is great to see that the analysis continues to generate objective and factual information for football’s governing bodies, integrity actors and fans. 2020 has been an exceptional year. for football in the way it has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will undoubtedly understand the long-term effects and risks to the sport for several years. Despite the reduction in fixtures in 2020, there are still had a very high number of matches which we identified as suspicious and potentially linked to manipulation.There are cautious signs of optimism in some areas, but the report shows that the risk of match-fixing is still present in football , and it is essential that those who protect the sport are properly equipped to protect the beautiful game. “

Affy Sheikh, Integrity Officer, Starlizard: “The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the cancellation of football matches and the suspension of championships around the world, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of matches played in 2020. Worryingly, we have still identified more than 200 suspicious matches in terms of potential match manipulation, and which we believe warrants further investigation.Despite the more limited availability of matches due to the pandemic, this suggests that criminals have found new ways and new targets in their attempts manipulate matches and betting markets.It is imperative that all football stakeholders remain vigilant at all times against the threat of match-fixing and make adequate resources available to keep the sport clean, free from corrupt influence , and to ensure that football fans can enjoy an honest and fair game. ”

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