RhythmInfluence joins the RFZ group and grows

NEW YORK, Aug. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RhythmInfluence, a full-service influencer marketing firm, is strengthening its partner portfolio by expanding its relationship with leading measurement company, Group RFZ. RhythmInfluence will integrate RFZ Group’s proven brand impact measurement with its existing analytics and insight capabilities, giving clients an even clearer view of the performance of their influencer campaigns. The offering helps measure influencer marketing programs that focus on organic content posts in addition to paid posts, providing advanced analytics for all audience types.

As a pioneer of the partnership, RhythmInfluence and the RFZ Group have conducted several successful joint measurement projects. The results enabled clients in industries ranging from food to finance to observe and understand the impact generated by their influencer marketing programs on KPIs such as awareness, recall, preference, position in the consideration set and purchase intent.

RFZ Group takes an innovative approach to measuring the impact of influencer marketing on brand awareness, namely how a campaign shapes the way consumers think, feel and intend to engage with it. A brand. His brand impact research involves custom online surveys of two audiences – an exposed group and a control group – and analyzes the differences to understand the impact of influencer programs on actual subscribers and paying audiences. .

RhythmInfluence has built one of the most advanced end-to-end managed service solutions on the market today, including strategy and planning, influencer management, content creation workflow, analytics , paid distribution and measurement. The platform enables clients to go beyond traditional behavioral metrics to find clear and meaningful ways to measure program success.

“We are excited to extend our partnership with RFZ Group and offer a robust advanced measurement solution for both organic influencer content and paid influencer social ads. behaviors and demographics, understanding the impact of creating influence on all users exposed to their content is imperative The ability to analyze brand impact, consideration, and other metrics on paid and organic audiences through Group RFZ provides insight into how influencers actually drive performance,” said David Neuman, Senior Director, Strategy, RhythmInfluence.

“We are thrilled to expand our relationship with RhythmInfluence, a true leader in the field,” said RFZ Group Co-Founder Gary Zucker. “They are clearly dedicated to measuring and understanding performance at all levels. The results of our studies complement what is already a robust suite of metrics and provide RhythmInfluence with goal-aligned metrics that help inform strategy and optimize efforts.

Group RFZ is a digital measurement company that enables clients to understand and demonstrate the impact of their content and influencer marketing efforts. Our measurement solution helps large companies go beyond traditional behavioral metrics and capture the true impact of their digital initiatives – how they made consumers feel, the impression they left and the effect on Mark. Using a unique blend of market research and advertising technologies, RFZ Group enables its clients to achieve and demonstrate return on investment, make smarter decisions and optimize their efforts. Learn more at grouprfz.com

RhythmInfluence is an influencer marketing company that provides a fully managed service offering including strategy and planning, influencer management, content creation workflow, analytics, paid distribution, and advanced measurement. Setting the standard for influencer marketing best practices, RhythmInfluence has built one of the most advanced end-to-end managed service solutions that includes all the heavy lifting in between to ensure performance and drive ROI. influencer marketing investment. For more information visit RhythmInfluence.com

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