Retül adds a new Premium Fit system with digitized measurements

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — Retül is updating its bike fitting service with a markerless digital body measurement system that the company says is more accurate and repeatable than other measurement methods. This also results in a cloud-based rider rating and measurement database that is easily accessed by the rider in the future.

Unlike Retül’s previous system, which was Windows-based, the new Retül Premium Fit uses Apple iPad Pros.

Retül adjustments always start with an assessment of preferences and driving history. But now anatomical dimensions and assessments of mobility and flexibility are done by placing the rider in front of lidar scanners. As the rider stands up, performs a squat, toe touch, and other movements, the iPad = shows and records the rider’s angles and lengths and produces a flexibility score. Once on the bike, a new sacral angle sensor attached to the lower back provides detailed measurements of the rider’s back angle. Foot shape and insole height are also digitally captured, as is sit bone width in the riding position.

The system produces a new digitized array of personalized settings for each rider. All of this, along with assessments of hip, back, hamstring and foot flexibility, are taken into account before the rider gets on the bike.

Retül always uses physical markers on the rider during the on-bike portion of the fit. The Retül camera captures pedaling mechanics and body angles under pedaling load from the front and side.

Co-founder Todd Carver said the new measurement system standardizes measurements and establishes guidelines for the resulting bike position for different applications. This keeps Retül adjustments made around the world within a certain range of repeatability, while allowing expert adjusters to fine-tune the fit in a way only a human can.

The system is increasingly using the cloud. As the data is compiled, it is quickly analyzed and stored on a website ( for future reference by the rider or other fitters. Anonymized rider data feeds the Premium Fit system, which already has access to over a decade of adjustments.

In the near future, Retül plans to add center of mass measurement to the bike, which will allow the fit system to take into account the effect of position on the handling and performance of the bike.

To achieve the new Premium Fit, installers must have completed Retül Level 2 training and have the new hardware and software.

The regular Retül Fit uses the Retül Fit V7 software, which is Windows based. Riders’ measurements and mobility are measured physically. V7 Fit data is not powered by the cloud and can only be stored and accessed through an installer’s computer. Numerical seat bone and insole measurements are also not integrated in Retül V7.

Retül fitness sessions last from two and a half to three hours. Installers set the price, which typically starts around $400 but can be tailored to the market and services offered.

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