Reds extend qualifying offer to Nick Castellanos

Unsurprisingly, the Reds have extended a qualifying offer to free agents Nick castellanos. Given that Castellanos recently opted out of the last two years and has $ 34 million left on his contract, it should be taken for granted that Castellanos will reject the one-year qualifying offer of $ 18.4 million and will enter free agency.

The sum total of the last two days of decisions should lead to an interesting offseason saga for Castellanos. The last time he was a free agent, it took patience for the slugger to finally strike a long-term deal with a single structure with the Reds. The 29-year-old ultimately only spent two years with the Reds, the latter having produced an All-Star campaign. Yet this time around Castellanos will start his season at 30, he has a joint qualifying offer and the CBA is set to expire in December. The stars say it will be some time before Castellanos knows which uniform he will wear in 2022.

At the root of it all, however, is a consistent right-handed hitter coming out of a 0.309 / 0.362 / 0.576 season with 34 homers and 100 points. The garish offensive numbers amounted to a season of 3.3 rWAR, the strongest of Castellanos’ career. He put in 4.2 WAR as Fangraphs measure, which was also a career high. In short, the bat is playing.

Counterpoint: Castellanos continues to post suspicious defensive numbers. His glove work in right field deserved -7 defensive runs saved and -1.5 UZR, numbers that are supported by the eye test and a long-standing reputation as a lower defenseman. Now there is an expectation that there will be a Universal Designated Hitter next season, and if that happens there should be a solid market for Castellanos. Until that’s inked, however, his defensive shortcomings may lower the bids for his services.

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