Rafael Devers will benefit from a massive contract extension

One of the biggest decisions this offseason for the Boston Red Sox will be whether to open the bank and extend the contract of budding superstar Rafael Devers, who is one year out from free agency.

After a last place finish in the American League East and essentially outplayed by other teams in the division, Red Sox chief baseball officer Chaim Bloom will be in the bright and critical spotlight this offseason and rightly so. .

Not taking Red Sox ownership off the hook, but Bloom’s role will be looked at this offseason depending on some of the major decisions in the aftermath, like whether to re-sign pending free agents Xander Bogaerts, JD Martinez, Nathan Eovaldi and Michael Wacha.

The Boston Red Sox’s biggest decision this offseason will be Rafael Devers

Along with a few potential blockbuster trades and making a splash in free agency, it will all really start with the Devers contract extension.

At just 25 years old, the Red Sox third baseman has already had some monster years offensively with the team. With that clutch gene to the plate and a knack for coming big against the New York Yankees, Bloom and the Red Sox would be crazy not to lock this man up for years to come.

Of course, Red Sox fans all said the same thing about Mookie Betts. We’ve all seen how it worked, which is another reason why Bloom needs to make sure another local superstar doesn’t pass on their talents to another team, whether through trade or a free agency, though Bloom says Devers’ trade is “not on the radar.”

While it’s debatable which decision should be made first to care for the other, locking up Devers can absolutely encourage Bogaerts to re-sign with the team and maybe even on a cut price. On the other hand, re-signing Bogaerts could influence Devers. This latter scenario is what former Red Sox pitcher Pedro Martinez considers monumental for the culture of the team.

“If Xander steps down and leaves the team and JD [Martinez] leave the team, I think [Rafael] Devers will most likely follow the same path,” Martinez said, via RealGM.

“These guys are going to leave. They won’t have the essence of the franchise we left behind. The culture we left will be lost. And we don’t know when we’re going to get it back and how we’re going to get it back.

The jury is out on JD Martinez, but imagine if a big market team like the Boston Red Sox couldn’t lock in homegrown talent like Betts, Bogaerts and Devers. That’s why the Brinks truck backup for Devers is the biggest this offseason and Bleacher Report predicts they will.

Bleacher Report predicts Devers will sign massive extension with Boston Red Sox

One of the early predictions Red Sox fans will love is Devers signing a 10-year, $260 million contract extension.

“To extend Devers, the Red Sox would surely have to beat the 10-year, $260 million deal Atlanta reached with fellow 25-year-old third baseman Austin Riley in August,” writes Zachary D. Rymer from B/R. “If they’re willing to take that leap, they should be able to do something.”

I agree and think Bloom will have the green light to make such an offer to Devers who can be the face of the franchise for years to come. Call him little Papi, Devers’ impact in the middle of this Red Sox lineup is invaluable. Coming off another All-Star season, the young slugger hit .295 with 27 homers and 88 RBI in a season in which he battled a few injuries.

It just shows the value of his production. When Devers is hot, he’s a badass. Not only that, but he’s also a player who made the playoffs, helping the team win a World Series in 2018. So pull out that Bloom checkbook and make it happen.

The next time the Boston Red Sox see Rafael Devers’ big smile will be watching him sign that huge contract extension.

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