Overloading the extension cord causes a fire in the garage

Columbus firefighters extinguished a fire in a detached garage at 4711 Breckenridge Drive around 11:08 p.m. Sunday.

The homeowner heard a smoke alarm in a detached garage and went to check, where he found smoking insulation in the attic of the garage and called 911, said Capt. Mike Wilson, spokesman for the service. Columbus fire.

Firefighters arrived on the scene and spoke with the owner who informed firefighters that he had attempted to extinguish the smoldering insulation. When firefighters entered the garage, they found that the garage’s electrical panel circuit breaker had tripped.

Firefighters used a ladder to access the attic of the garage where they found smoldering insulation and charred a section of oriented strand board (OSB). In an attempt to limit damage to the owner’s property, firefighters removed personal property from the garage before removing three sections of the oriented strand board, Wilson said. Firefighters collected the smoldering insulation and soaked the material with water to prevent it from reigniting.

During the investigation, firefighters discovered a badly damaged electrical connection in the attic with several extension cords plugged into the connection. Firefighters believe the cords were overfed, which caused intense heat that melted the connector. As a result, the cellulose insulation got involved and smoked into the attic.

The cause of the fire was ruled accidental and was attributed to the improper use of extension cords. Damage is estimated at $1,000. No injuries were reported.

Firefighters have asked residents to remember that extension cords should only be used as a temporary extension cord. Prolonged use may cause the cord to break, which may cause a fire. Manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed for proper use of the extension cord. Also check that the cord can support the electrical load necessary for its use, specify the firefighters. Not all extension cords are the same in terms of amperage and power.

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