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The Yankton football team don’t have a lot of guys who start on both sides of the ball, but junior Cody Oswald can be found wide receiver, safety and special teams as a returner.

“He’s an absolute freak, you don’t often get the opportunity to coach kids like that,” Yankton head coach Brady Muth said. “The other thing I’ll say about Cody is that his character is top notch. He is a quality human being. Outstanding football player, exceptional person who always does the right thing.

Oswald and the Bucks go into the 2021 season 1-1, beating Huron 41-2 and falling to Aberdeen Central 40-28. Oswald had three touchdown passes in two games.

“I’ve been playing this sport since I was a kid and love it,” Oswald said. “I love it with all my heart and put all the energy into it because I love sports.”

Oswald said it’s not just the football he loves, but also the group of guys he can compete with every day.

“I love each and every one of the guys I play with so I feel like if I bring the energy that I have I can hopefully give it to them and make them better in every way. possible, “Oswald said.

Oswald brings energy to every rep, whether it’s game day or a practice session on Wednesday afternoon. Oswald can be seen playing wrestling with his teammates when his teammates are working on the kickoff or punt cover. Between practice reps on the punt return, Oswald and starting quarterback Rugby Ryken play wrestling.

“I’ve known Cody since he was so big,” Muth said, holding his hand a few feet off the ground. “I’ve known this kid for a while and he’s the same kid. He’s got a lot of energy, he won’t miss a single rep, he’s going to go a million miles an hour, just because that’s his way of doing things, not because he’s been asked to. to do.

With all of that energy comes a lot of talent, Muth said. Oswald has all the makings of being a great soccer player, and Muth said he couldn’t say if there was a phase of the game in which he excelled more.

“He’s a centerpiece in all three phases of our game,” Muth said. “It’s fun to train a guy like that. Sometimes as a trainer you have to be a little careful because you are a little too excited about the tools in your toolbox.

An example of Oswald’s versatility came in the season opener against Huron. After the Bucks made a third stop, Oswald trotted back for a punt return. Oswald’s return saw Yankton overtake the midfielder. Yankton ran a late-lap running game to Oswald, followed by a Ryken touchdown to Oswald.

Oswald said he wasn’t thinking too much about using it, just focusing on the next room.

“I’m not really thinking about the last game,” Oswald said. “Like, I get a punt return, okay that’s the next play. As soon as I finish the play, I don’t think about it, I move on to the next play.”

Muth said Oswald is the type of person who is always in a good mood and in the mood to help others. For Oswald, there are plenty of reasons to be happy, he said.

“I have a lot to be happy about,” Oswald said. “I mean, I’m part of a great team with a lot of great teammates. I have a great coaching team and love to be there every day. I love it. Obviously it’s a chore, and you accept it, some days are tough, but I love being there and it gives me energy.

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