OneTo11 Adds Play-To-Earn Dimension to Mobile & Fantasy Games Using Blockchain

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Posted on 11.16.21, 20:50

Fantastic sports online using web and mobile applications have revolutionized the industry over the past 15 years. There has been explosive growth, both in the number of players and simultaneously in the number of platforms for fantasy sports. The global fantasy sports market is expected to reach $ 38.60 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 14.7%. On the other hand, casual mobile games are already ahead of console and PC games combined, accounting for nearly 57% of global video game revenue of $ 173 billion in 2020. Worth $ 98 billion in 2020, the market for mobile games is expected to grow. to $ 272 billion by 2030, an astonishing (CAGR) of 11%.

The increase in the young population, better connectivity and technological innovation are the main drivers of this growth. Global lockdowns acted as a boost for gaming, as people were stuck at home, gaming became the preferred choice for killing time. This incredible increase in the popularity of the game has led to more experimentation and innovation. The latest advancement comes from OneTo11 – a Noida and Singapore based company that has used blockchain technology to facilitate fantastic games, mobile games and also RPG games which are all connected to a common integrated wallet.

OneTo11’s biggest USP is the implementation of the Play-To-Earn model across their gaming ecosystem, especially in fantasy and mobile games. The game-to-win model simply means that players are rewarded in actual monetary value for playing the games. The important thing to note here is that blockchain technology is used to implement the P2E model ensuring full transparency and decentralized economy on games. In the past, fantasy game publishers have been criticized for using promises of high payouts as an acquisition tactic, then hiding player count, contests, and payout percentage in order to achieve high margins. However, OneTo11 using blockchain technology changes that and brings full transparency to fantasy gaming. On the other hand, mobile players can now earn money by competing against each other or against the program to win money with clearly defined payouts before starting a game.

The whole effort to decentralize mobile and fantasy games is a small part of OneTo11’s vision to build a complete gaming ecosystem that will be fully P2E and feature fantastic games, mobile games, gamified learning, and gaming. RPG with NFT. All of these games will target different types of gamers and serve eclectic player demographics by providing channels for a large user base to join the OneTo11 P2E ecosystem.

The introduction of exclusives such as the creation and trading of NFT has generated millions in revenue for players in the past year alone. OneTo11 is the next step in the advancement of the P2E model using blockchain gaming, where players can earn consistent income using their time and skills on the game they prefer. OneTo11’s native governance token, namely 1To11, will provide trading and staking capabilities to players at very low transaction fees and high APY.

The OneTo11 ecosystem also contains an NFT trading marketplace where players can trade their NFTs without paying high custodial fees. The market will also be open to other NFT creators to showcase and sell their assets.

In the past year, the OneTo11 ecosystem has already acquired 1 million users and facilitated over 12 million transactions. The team leading the project is made up of 4 young entrepreneurs Ravindra Kumar (CEO), Tirath Sharma (CTO), Manasvi Singh (CMO) and Anirban Chatterjee (COO). All of them have launched and scaled successful projects in the past, such as Buddy4Study and OneAd. The team is currently executing its next phase of expansion into the Middle Eastern and North American markets to capitalize on the growing demand for P2E games with the launch of new RPG games based on Cricket and Metaverse.

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