North Strabane rejects contract extension for school officers | New

The North Strabane Township Supervisory Board voted unanimously on Tuesday against extending a contract with the Canon-McMillan School District.

The School Resource Officer program began in 2015 and the contract expires at the end of the 2021-2022 school year.

When the program began five years ago, a North Strabane Township police officer was assigned to Canon-McMillan High School. Since then, the program has expanded to other buildings in the township district, including Borland Manor Elementary.

Through the program, Canon-McMillan pays half of the school resources manager’s salary. This officer is assigned to a school building for nine months of the year, which makes him unavailable for schedules in the community during the school year.

“There is more to a police officer than his salary. We are looking for a fair deal to compensate North Strabane (officers), ”said Township Director Andy Walz.

Walz said school resource officers receive a 3% annual salary increase, which is lower than the 4% increase guaranteed by the police union. Walz said the union is also allocating an increase in healthcare not provided by the ORS program.

“I approached the school district and said, ‘Hey, we’ve got to renegotiate,’ Walz said. “It’s not sustainable from our point of view.”

The district has requested a one-year contract extension while it negotiates with the Township of North Strabane. The board of directors rejected the proposal on Tuesday.

“The point is not to make money,” Walz said. “There are no additional administration fees built in here. The numbers we have offered to the school district are specific numbers that the township has to pay a police officer. “

School districts in Pennsylvania have the option of creating their own police departments. Canon-McMillan has contracts with police in Canonsburg and Cecil Township, Walz said, but the details of those contracts are unknown to him.

Canon-McMillan public relations manager Morgan Northy said with negotiations underway, the district could not comment.

In other business Tuesday, the board of directors approved by a 3-2 vote to spend an additional $ 24,222 at the new eighty-four fire substation.

The additional money will go to Fleeher Contracting for the extension from a 6 inch pipe to a 10 inch pipe. Since Fleeher Contracting is leading the project, the township could not post offers for less expensive pipes.

The extended pipeline will allow better water drainage at the substation site. The hose will allow rainwater and runoff to flow more easily into the station’s storm basin.

Vice President Marcus Staley and Board Member Harold Close voted no, while President Neil Kelly, Emily Holmes and Bob Ross approved the decision.

“It’s just that the cost of the hose has increased dramatically along with everything else,” Walz said.

Also on Tuesday, the township organized a sleight of hand from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on October 31.

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