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Read on for the latest career moves and facility openings from Nano Dimension, TTM Technologies, 6K, Photocentric, AMT, Evolve Additive Solutions and Renishaw.

6K Appoints Edward Liddy to Board of Directors

6K, a developer of industrial materials for the 3D printing industry, has appointed Edward Liddy to its board of directors. In his new role, Liddy will help lead the company’s investment and strategy decisions to grow in the additive manufacturing and battery materials industries.

Liddy brings with him a wealth of leadership experience, having previously served as Chairman of Allstate and Acting President for AIG. He has also served on the board of major corporations such as Boeing, 3M, Abbott Laboratoriesand Goldman Sachs.

Dr. Aaron Bent, CEO of 6K, said, “6K is working with key players in the battery and additive manufacturing markets to replace legacy technologies to develop and produce high-performance materials sustainably with our platform. -form microwave plasma UniMelt and Ed’s appointment to the board gives us a strategic perspective and provides unique insight into mergers and acquisitions, investment opportunities and business partnerships.

An overview of the UniMelt microwave plasma system. Photo via 6K.

Photocentric Announces Paul Ruscoe as Director of Business Development

Manufacturer of LCD 3D printers Photocentric announced the appointment of Paul Ruscoe as Director of Business Development. Ruscoe will combine its mass production expertise and understanding of quality standards to support customers in their manufacturing projects.

With nearly three decades of industry experience in a plethora of vertical markets, he has worked with several blue chip companies in automotive, oil & gas, medical and consumer goods. . Ruscoe also holds an Honors BSc in Polymer Science and Engineering and an MSc in Advanced Product Design.

“We are thrilled to have Paul on the team,” said Paul Holt, Managing Director of Photocentric. “Paul is a charismatic, humorous and successful salesperson who has a strong technical background with a passion for innovation and new product development across a range of applications and markets. Paul believes in the power of collaboration and has a positive attitude, where he always wants to provide the optimal solution to customers.”

The AMT appoints Magnus René as Chairman of the Board of Directors

AMT (Additive Manufacturing Technologies), a developer of automated post-processing systems for 3D printed parts, announced Magnus René as the company’s new chairman of the board.

René has decades of leadership experience in public and private technology companies, having previously served as CEO of Arcam prior to its acquisition by GE in 2018. He is also currently a director of the supervisory board and vice-president of 3D printer OEM TDM solutionsPresident of Ovzon ABa satellite communications company, board member of MIT spin-out inkwelland director of the board of directors of an agricultural technology company Bo Mill.

“I am honored to take on this role at AMT at such a pivotal time in the additive manufacturing industry,” said René. “AMT’s post-processing technology and capability is critical to developing production-ready additive manufacturing processes. I look forward to being part of this innovative company, enabling additive manufacturing to become a viable alternative to traditional manufacturing.

Magnus René, new chairman of the AMT board of directors.  Photo via AMT.
Magnus René, new chairman of the AMT board of directors. Photo via AMT.

Evolve hires Michael Smith as senior vice president of sales and marketing

Evolve additive solutions, a 3D printing technology developer, has hired Michael Smith as its new senior vice president of sales and marketing. He will be responsible for leading and developing sales and marketing efforts for the company’s global markets.

Smith holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and business management from the Phoenix Universityas well as an MBA from University of Redlands. He is a veteran of the polymer manufacturing industry, having served as Vice President of Sales and Service at PegasusPresident and CEO of LK-systemsand general manager of Husky injection molding systems.

“I admired Evolve for its innovative technology and dynamic management team,” Smith said. “I look forward to working with them, and I’m honored to have been selected to lead their future growth in advanced manufacturing, which will enable us to deliver industry-leading customer support and product innovation on one of fastest growing markets in the world.

Renishaw’s Ben Goodare named manufacturing model

Ben Goodare, sustainability manager at an engineering company Renishaw, was named one of the Top 100 Manufacturer Role Models for Manufacturing. The Memorial List aims to recognize those who have contributed most to the advancement of the UK’s manufacturing industry.

Goodare has been with Renishaw for nine years and has spent his time implementing the company’s carbon management system. Initially, he used data from 139 sites to calculate Renishaw’s carbon footprint and has since helped the company reduce emissions by 39%. This has been done through a number of initiatives such as switching to low impact lighting, installing insulation and migrating to renewable energy sources.

“It was great to see such a wide range of people recognized in the Manufacturer’s Top 100,” Goodare said. “Being recognized for sustainability work in the industry demonstrates that manufacturing and sustainability go hand in hand. What’s great about my role is the applicability of the work — I work with everyone at Renishaw because sustainability is relevant to all aspects of our business.

Ben Goodare, Head of Sustainability at Renishaw.  Photo via Renishaw.
Ben Goodare, Head of Sustainability at Renishaw. Photo via Renishaw.

Nano Dimension and TTM establish the new AME NanoLab

Nano dimensionspecialist in additively manufactured electronics (AME), has partnered with the hardware company TTM Technologies to open its new 3D printing factory. The AME NanoLab TTM is designed to allow customers and researchers to get a feel for the AME 3D printing workflow and will also be used to provide training and consultation to partner customers. The lab is located at TTM’s Advanced Manufacturing Center in Stafford Springs, CT.

Sean Patterson, President of Nano Dimension, said, “Our goal is to align roadmaps, research and development to support TTM and their original equipment manufacturers, which will provide a better understanding of their business cases. of use and their material requirements and as a result, our customers will now be able to more easily explore the 3D space for HI-PEDS while reducing environmental impact in electronics manufacturing.

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