Nano Dimension Ltd. Joint Venture (NASDAQ: NNDM) with Hensoldt AG


Nano Dimension Ltd. (NASDAQ: NNDM), a leading player in Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME), has announced a joint venture with Hensoldt AG to strengthen the partnership.

JAMES GmbH – a joint venture: Nano Dimension and Hensoldt announced the creation of a new joint venture named Jetted Additively Manufactures Electronics Sources or JAMES. This joint venture will use the expertise of these two companies and strengthen the development of 3D printed electronic components. The two companies will together invest (co-invest) approximately $ 6 million in JAMES. This company will be managed by Hensoldt and will further strengthen its commercial offering.

The new entity will connect the entire chain, starting with designers, users of designs across the corporate sector, but also globally. The new entity’s technology will help technology members / users to develop, market, prototype, concept validate and commercialize AME and PE designs. Additionally, the new technology will make the entity (JAMES) capable of providing AME application and prototype service and ideation community for enterprise / industry users.

Joint venture to react quickly to customer requirements: Hensoldt is one of the pioneering players in Senor technology and optronics. In addition, with this partnership, Hensoldt expects a vital contribution from Nano Dimension to shorten development cycles and meet customer requirements in the shortest time and in the most cost effective manner.

The most important challenge for industry players is increasing competition and the shortening of purchasing times for JAMES customers, will provide rapid development of technology as an alternative to conventional manufacturing. However, it also offers mid-sized businesses the opportunity to design their products efficiently. As a result, the joint venture is expected to establish a solid foundation for the development of Hi-PED in all as yet unexplored fields and industries.

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