Militarism sick with self-satisfaction at the NATO summit

With the exception of Boris Johnson’s hairstyle, NATO leaders behave the same, dress uniformly, and speak and make decisions through their inner mental uniforms.

In just a few days, they turned all of Europe into a dark continent of turmoil for, quite possibly, decades to come – far out of proportion to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The home uniforms they wear are not worthy of words like realpolitik, proportionality, political acumen, moderation, forward thinking or innovation.

Their NATO language defies words such as mediation, negotiated solution, confidence building, disarmament and arms control, common security – not to mention reconciliation, forgiveness, cooperation, civil conflict resolution.

They now seem to be heading beyond the rational and deep in delusions of omnipotence and dangerous groupthink: We’re right, have no doubts, haven’t done anything wrong, don’t need to invite different viewpoints, we’re united and our decisions will have the desired consequences because we – yes, don’t we can’t make mistakes.

But what did the Madrid Summit achieve? Nothing but the same in an outdated, outdated, “defensive” provocative alliance. No new thinking because no lessons learned, but:

$350 billion After in NATO military spending since 2014. Russia’s annual military spending overall is $66 billion, and UN peacekeeping operations together cost $7 billion – you see the proportions.

The 2% of GDP target is now a floor, not a ceiling. This is intellectual nonsense anyway since a security budget will be tied to a decent analysis of the threat and not the state of a country’s economy.

Rapid reaction forces will grow from 40,000 to over 300,000 – with new bases in Europe and at least 100,000 permanently stationed US troops. The 2008 decision that Ukraine and Georgia to have to become members is confirmed.

Ukraine – a non-NATO state to which NATO has no legal obligation – will receive weapons worth up to $100 billion (my extrapolation).

The reason – which these leaders did not mention – is that NATO promised them membership without paying the slightest heed to the Russian leaders’ 30-year concerns, without listening to any of the dozens of Realpolitik pundits who have declared that it could never become a member of NATO, and because the US orchestrated and financed a regime change in kyiv in 2014, installed a pro-US/NATO leadership, and then spent 8 years giving provide Ukraine with the arms, training, funds and advice necessary to make it ready for membership.

These last facts were confirmed by former Ukrainian President Poroshenko, in an interview with the Irish Times where he said that the Ukrainian army is “like my child”.

The other reason they didn’t mention is that if NATO de facto fights Russia in Ukraine – to the last Ukrainian – and tries to undermine its economy at home, Russia will be defeated and suppressed.

Subsequently, the next enemy is China. In NATO’s “strategic concept” (which neither defines concepts nor is a strategy), China is blamed for all evil, so NATO can go global in violation of its own transatlantic treaty of 1949.

NATO cannot do without enemies. It is an alliance of Christian nations believing in “civilizing”, universalizing and converting missions others to its thought and values ​​- by the Bible or the sword, as needed.

Yes, Russia invaded Ukraine. It was immoral and a flagrant violation of international law. Russia is responsible for the war. But NATO’s grouped expansion over 30 years is the underlying conflict. And now more expansion: in Sweden and Finland and the vast militarization of an alliance that is already 12 times more armed than Russia.

NATO’s decisions are not proportionate, rational or statesmanlike in response to the Russian invasion. He became an excuse for its own expansion and world domination.

NATO countries will never mobilize such resources for the environment, the eradication of poverty and illiteracy, civil infrastructure, pandemic security or any another important civilian objective for the good of humanity.

The West is united – for the moment, at least and outwardly – ​​by hatred and militarism and by the total absence of a positive vision for the future of humanity. This comes without a single democratic parliamentary decision. The NATO governments have just deprived us of our right and of our hope for a better and peaceful future.

I wonder:

Where will the money come from in economies that were already under pressure from economic decline and the Corona pandemic? Which social classes will pay the price: which social benefits will be reduced and on whom? And with NATO already spending 12 times more than Russia on armaments, is there any conceivable point where enough will ever be enough?

And finally: how much faster and deeper will the global multi-crisis manifest through this utterly unnecessary investment in utterly destructive militarism instead of constructive problem solving.

Even before all of this, any knowledgeable person knew we were in the 11th hour to do it.

We are now in the most dangerous and delusional development since 1949: the failed NATO alliance, which has consistently and consistently shown itself incapable of creating peace but constantly mobilizes for war. For taxpayers’ money which is made more precarious day by day. And in complete violation of its own original treaty – meaningful and defensive.

Jan Oberg is the founder of The Transnational.

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