Mikel Arteta: Arsenal are dealing with a measured success plan

Arsenal have signaled their intention by handing Mikel Arteta a new contract, which sets the stage for an exciting future.

After the way Arsenal started the season, no one in their right mind saw them as favorites to clinch a top-four spot and Mikel Arteta signing a new contract before the end of the campaign. Both of these scenarios happened with the Spaniard signing a new three-year deal.

If there were any doubts about Arsenal’s faith in Arteta’s process, the new deal should completely nullify them and end the debate. They can now look forward to their last four games with enthusiasm and optimism.

A manager’s position in the team has often been misunderstood in English football, flush with happy owners. Fortunately, Stan Kroenke was sane enough to understand Arsenal’s long-term needs. Bringing in Arteta was part of that plan, and now the contract extension is proof of their ambition.

“We want to take the club to the next level and really compete with the top teams. To do that, we have to play the Champions League,” Arteta said after writing the extension.

Arsenal and Arteta had set their sights on finishing at least sixth which was guaranteed after the recent win over West Ham United. The Gunners were happy enough not to wait four more matchdays as the plan was still to go overtime.

Edu Gaspar’s lyrics reflect more what they want to do. He said: “I think the timing is perfect. I truly believe that the message will be a great boost for everyone. It’s important to show everyone where we want to go as a club. We’re going to face a big summer again, and it’s important to have our manager here.

With Arsenal moving forward, we look at what to expect from Arteta after signing the new deal and where he should take the club in the next phase. The Spaniard may have stabilized things, but perhaps it’s time to shift gears and move forward at speeds that many don’t believe Arsenal are capable of. But they have to reach those limits.

Mikel Arteta suits Arsenal and its players.

Arsenal went through a period of stagnation and saw other clubs pass by at the pace of modern ideas, money and a competitive environment. The Gunners had a consistent presence in the UEFA Champions League during Arsene Wenger’s final years and have never featured in the competition since the Frenchman’s departure.

Unai Emery entered and failed. It wasn’t because of his inability as a coach, but because he wasn’t a good fit for Arsenal. The four-time Europa League winner has the talent to lead Villarreal successfully, but in north London the Spaniard has proved undecided. Mikel Arteta’s first litmus test was making tough decisions and sticking to them, which he did effectively.

It's time to look up.  (Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

It’s time to look up. (Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

Arteta oversaw the pandemic phase, moved ineffective but high earning stars out of the Emirates and instilled an acceptable culture for players and fans. He faced fierce opposition, critics and his fans with an ounce of patience who were ready to turn their backs at the slightest opportunity.

Arsenal’s fan base has always wanted something to support, an idea, a style or a target. They appreciate what Arteta wants on the pitch, and he achieves things that may have overtaken Wenger. He has gradually become the backbone of the club, and even though he leaves tomorrow, Arsenal are still in a much better position than they were three years ago.

Arteta needs to organize the recruitment of the right players who fit his system. The signings this summer will further reflect the intention to sign the new contract. With Arteta at the helm, Arsenal can now focus on getting the best-suited players, and that is their plan in the coming months.

What does the new contract mean for the team and potential transfers?

Arsenal have a young core of players, and most are comfortable adapting to the manager’s style. Leaving aside those whose future is uncertain, some of this season’s regulars will view the news with renewed optimism and might fancy seeing the journey.

Players like Emile Smith Rowe, Ben White, Aaron Ramsdale, Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli have thrived under Arteta this tenure and could become vital elements in the years to come. That said, Arsenal might find it much easier than before to renew their contracts, especially those who might be in danger of leaving.

His quotes on the tweet below indicate how some of the team members were waiting for this renewal and how their own future depended on it.

Arsenal are expected to make new offers for Saka and Martinelli this summer. The duo have thrived under Arteta this season and could be looking to extend their stay at Arsenal now that Arteta has done so. This only makes it easier to negotiate and convince these players to sign new deals for the club. After the manager’s renewal, Arsenal’s fan base remains confident about these extensions.

Arsenal are looking to sign the next batch of talent this summer. Players would like a stable environment presented by Arteta rather than joining a club with a great reputation and an unstable dressing room; example, Manchester United. The Gunners are on a roll, and that factor is known to their potential targets and their agents. The Spaniard’s longevity will play a huge role in convincing the stars to join Arsenal.

The North Londoners are looking for new strikers, and one of them could be a high-profile and expensive signing. A few years ago, few would have expected Arsenal to pull off such a successful signing, but things could be drastically different in the next window. Their links to Gabriel Jesus, Victor Osimhen and Darwin Nunez are proof that something interesting is brewing in the background.

With a new contract comes new responsibilities.

Arsenal took a measured decision in making Arteta their new manager after Emery was sacked. Despite much criticism for appointing a rookie, North Londoners may have calculated their decision rather than taking a risk as it first seemed.

Likewise, Arsenal offering Arteta a new contract seems like a well-considered decision. The club have made measurable progress on and off the pitch, and credit should go to the Spaniard. Their trend may be on the rise, and many believe this team will be able to compete with current title challengers Liverpool and Manchester City in the years to come.

With this new contract come responsibilities, and Arteta should look to feature alongside Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola in future rankings. First, Arsenal need to play Champions League football every season and consistently finish in the top four, then see if they can stage a title race.

The owners prove themselves by constantly supporting the manager in the transfer market, and now Arteta has to create a competitive environment and bring more stability. As for setting realistic targets, if things go according to plan, Arsenal should be aiming for the Premier League title within the next two or three years.


Happy times ahead?  (Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Happy times ahead? (Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

Arteta and Arsenal are meant to be together. The process of creating ideas and ones that conveniently match those of the board and players are a relatively good sign of a bright future. It’s a chance for Arsenal to become trophy challengers as such concerted opportunities arise from time to time.

Fans tend to measure success with trophies, and there will be those who criticize the club for the next defeat Arsenal suffer under Arteta. If this process is what owners, managers and players believe in, titles will soon follow.

Arsenal are building a machine for the future, with Arteta at the helm. Some sections still consider him a rookie but the new contract proves that the Spaniard is gradually entering the elite area of ​​tacticians. The future looks brighter for Arsenal and their very patient supporters, but it may be time to take a big step towards the honours, with Arteta the perfect man to lead them there and paint London red.

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