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Almost two years ago now, when we were first considering ranking Indian companies according to their sustainability scores, I was faced with several questions. How can we do it right? These companies are important players contributing to the Indian economy, uplifting society, creating job opportunities and in many ways steering India towards its growth goals. Many engage with BW Businessworld in different ways and we know more than we often write about what they are doing to make a positive difference. In my view, even then it was clear that sustainability is a mandatory part of growth, both from a country and business perspective. Sustainability is not good for people’s recognition or for good public relations. Instead, it’s a must for profitability and building future markets. Companies that do not have a sustainable strategy or that have not taken into account what sustainable development will mean for them will very quickly find themselves in very delicate positions. The world has already moved in this direction, and those who do not make the change will be left behind.

At BW Businessworld, we were the first among our peers to appoint a sustainability editor. Today there are more writers on the teams focusing on the subject. This is the importance of sustainability and creating a sustainable India. This question, in that sense, is a very special one for us. In this special edition, we looked at several KPIs that together indicate a company’s sustainable performance. With our partners in this exercise, Sustain Labs Paris, we studied more than 2000 companies before arriving at the top 200 that you will see listed in the issue. We also took a deeper look at the top 20 and what they got for being in the top.

This issue also features an article on the BW Social Impact Awards 2022. Under the umbrella of our startup community, BW Disrupt, this set of awards examines entrepreneurs and social impact professionals whose efforts are making a difference in multiple areas and sectors. . This jury-led process taught us many lessons about why measuring impact is critical to any growth.

Any company or initiative can lose its direction, even its direction, if it is not measured and corrected in time. As our juries, which include some of the brightest and wisest minds, ask people and companies about their results and strategies, they also leave food for thought and direction on how changes can be made to more optimal results, which together then change India. for the best. As columnists, these are the stories we love to tell, the ones that will have a wider impact. I hope you find some meaning in some of them as well, just as we did in documenting these success stories.

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