Maxx Crosby extension among top off-season moves for Raiders

The Raiders made a number of big moves this offseason, including trading for Davante Adams and signing Chandler Jones to a new contract. But they were also able to get extensions for a few players, including Maxx Crosby.

According ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Crosby’s new contract is worth up to $95 million over the next four years with $53 million in guaranteed money. This makes him the fifth highest-paid EDGE defenseman in the NFL before the start of the season.

For that reason alone, this move was one of the best the Raiders have made this offseason. Here’s what Pro Football Focus’ Brad Spielberger had to say about the deal earlier this offseason:

“Extending defenseman Maxx Crosby as soon as possible after his dominant 2021 campaign in which he led the NFL with 100 quarterback pressures was smart business, as his deal will surely be surpassed by a few other members of the 2019 draft in due course. .

Las Vegas has been proactive over the past few offseasons with early extensions, and those deals will help balance major deals for newcomers, including wide receiver Davante Adams.

There are a handful of “big” names who are eligible for contract extensions at the defensive end over the next two seasons, which means Crosby’s deal will soon look like a major bargain. It wouldn’t even be a surprise if he wasn’t one of the top 10 paid defensive ends by the 2024 season.

Locking in elite players early in their contracts is how good teams progress in the NFL. And that’s exactly what the Raiders did with Maxx Crosby earlier this spring.

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