Marvel Future Evolution’s Dark Dimension opens the challenge with Dormammu

The first major update to the open-world mobile RPG Marvel Future Revolution is there, and with it, the Dark Domain opens. There’s a level cap increase, new features, costumes, some player experience improvements, and, if you’re up for the challenge, the arrival of Dormammu.

Since launching over a month ago, the game has been heading towards this new content. Given that being able to take advantage of the vast worlds and characters that Marvel has to offer, there could be a lot more to come. For now, you will be able to explore the new area, taking the opportunity to upgrade to level 110 with the new increased cap and new story missions. The Dark Domain is a dangerous area and Dormammu should not be underestimated.

If you are browsing the new content and you’ve already played through the other story content, you’ll meet him at the end, ready for a fight. if you are not familiar with Dormammu, he is a powerful, ancient and extremely powerful being of mystical force. He’s one of the most memorable villains most associated with Doctor Strange. And a tendency to endanger the universe. Just this little detail. So get ready and face it in Marvel Future Revolution to reap the rewards.

The update also includes new costumes for playable characters, as well as new Omega maps. The new Dark Dimension regional costumes are all inspired by the new Dark Dimension region and should look twisted and spooky. Perfect for October and the spooky times ahead.

Omega War’s matchmaking is also getting an overhaul to improve the process and better match players based on their level and skills. Blitz is getting new rewards so players don’t have to play through the exact same content over and over again just to get the most rewards every day. Find out more about new game features, costumes, to start playing on the official site.

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