Intamin brings new multidimensional launch roller coasters to Vulcania

Intamin, a creator of record rides, announced the arrival of Namazu at Vulcania in France. The new ride, an Intamin multidimensional launch coaster, opened to the public in the popular theme science and amusement park on July 10, 2021.

Namazu is a thrilling, immersive family experience that takes guests on a journey with seismologists, through a thematic queue, and into the “Namazu” team’s lab for a science adventure in a newly active seismic zone.

Twists, turns and surprising elements

After the coaster leaves the station, it heads to a stone cave where a surprise earthquake occurs, causing the cave to collapse and the train falling several meters down. After escaping the cave, guests enjoy the first launch and a scenic turn with a hill of airtime.

Along the way, riders will experience a high-speed S-turn, zigzag speed bump and jump over an S-bump in the second launch / boost, as well as several twists, turns and elements close to the ground.

Intamin Namazu Vulcania

The route includes 584 meters of track, a launch and a boost. It reaches high speeds of 69 kilometers per hour and has two 12-seat mountain bike themed trains. These are designed for freedom, comfort and safety.

“Intamin congratulates Vulcania on its first roller coasters operating in its park and is proud to have contributed to this great project,” said a statement from the company.

Earlier this week, Intamin also introduced improvements to its Surf Family coasters – The Surf Rider 2.0, which is available in two sizes, and The Ultra Surf. All members of the Surf Family now have increased capacity and have the most powerful LSM launch system on the market, as well as plenty of moments of weightlessness and airtime.

The company also recently celebrated the opening of Kondaa, the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the Benelux, at Walibi Belgium.

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