How to enter a ripple dimension in Dislyte

Dislyte is an anime-infused team-fighting game. You build a team of fighters, called Espers, through a gacha-style gathering system. But while much of the Esper collection is random, there are a few you’re guaranteed to get if you play for them, including through the Ripple Dimension system.


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Ripple Dimensions is part of Dislyte’s Trial Battlezone. By participating, you can get several unique Espers that you won’t find elsewhere in the game, including four-star Esper Dahlia and the highest-rated support healer Ye Suhua.

How do I enter a ripple dimension?

There are two ways to enter a Ripple Dimension – either by discovering one yourself or by entering one that another player has found. To trigger one yourself, simply play as many Sonic Miracle and Ritual Miracle battles as you can. Any battle you have in either has a chance of triggering a Ripple Dimension. You will know when one has appeared because there will be a notification on the left side of the central home screen. Click on it to access the dimension.

Alternatively, you can enter a ripple dimension triggered by another player. You will receive an automatic invitation to all Ripples activated by your friends. But you can also wait until the dimensions of other players are open to the public. This happens automatically after 15 minutes of opening a Ripple if it hasn’t reached its 20 player capacity. Other players’ open Ripple Dimensions are announced in the global chat channel they are currently in.

You can view the world chat by clicking on the small word bubble icon at the top right of your screen. you should see [System] messages regularly appear with a link such as “Ripple Dimension Ye Suhua has been revealed by X”. Click the link, and if you’re quick enough, you’ll be transported into the dimension. If the channel you’re in is too quiet, you can switch channels by clicking the gray circle next to your current chat channel name. Just be aware that you may have to wait quite a while to get the exact corrugation dimensions you need.

How do Ripple Dimension battles work?

You do not need to immediately participate in a Ripple Dimension. Once registered, you can exit and enter them later – but they only last 60 minutes before disappearing forever. To re-enter the one you have been accepted, you just have to click Trials on the main screen and click Ripple Dimension. There you can choose to enter the ones you currently have.

Once inside a Ripple Dimension you will have a normal squad battle. You can configure your team as you see fit, and the opposing team will be led by the Esper named in the ripple. The battles themselves are relatively simple and the same each time you face a particular esper. Thus, you will soon be able to find the best tactic to defeat each of them.

For three-star Espers, you can battle five times in each Ripple Dimension you enter. Each battle will reward you with a shard for this Esper, and you need to collect 30 to be able to get the finished Esper – so if you win all of your battles each time, you’ll need to complete six dimensions to have enough shards for that Esper. For four-star espers, you need 40 shards – but each Ripple will get you eight battles.

Once you have them, go to the Echo area and click on the Record Stand tab at the bottom of the screen. You will see all of the Esper Fragments you have currently collected. If you have enough, simply select the Esper you desire and click Spin to get your reward.

Ripple Rewards: Unlock Dahlia and Ye Suhua

Many different Espers can appear in Ripple Dimensions, but the two most players are looking for are Dahlia and Ye Suhua. Unlike the others, these two Espers can only be acquired through Ripples – so they’re highly sought after, especially since they’re both great fighters.

Dahlia is a four-star support Esper whose primary ability, Sonic Camo, grants up to 25% AP to all allies, alongside ATK and C.RATE for two turns. Its Umbra Attack has a high chance of inflicting SPD Down on its target – and if they already have SPD Down, will freeze them for one turn instead. His basic Sneak Attack has a 50% chance to freeze the target.

Ye Suhua is a three-star care and supports Esper. His Star Dancer ability grants all allied Espers ATK and DEF for two turns. Astral Guardian heals an ally for 20% of their max HP and adds Recovery for one turn, while making them invincible that turn – perfect for saving a hero on their last legs. Ye Suhua’s basic attack, Stardust, can reduce the target’s ATK strength for two turns.

It is also worth researching the corrugation dimensions of Chang Pu (a good healer), Tang Yun (a potentially devastating DPS), and Joan (a controller that can stun opponents).

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