How to create three-dimensional effects on your website photos

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You can do some real wonders with Javascript, although more and more we see how “extra” effects and resources are capped so that pages load faster and rank higher in Google.

That’s the usual dilemma: make a beautiful website full of interesting effects that slow down loading or something flat and clean that loads in 0.5 seconds?

This has made today’s web faster, yes, but it all comes at a price. There are many awesome resources that have stopped being used, many effects that can make you spend more time on a website, or even resources that can turn a store visitor into a customer of it.

Considering all of this, I will recommend for the next few days both light and attractive resources.

Today i’m talking about Atropos, a JavaScript library lightweight, free and open source, designed to create impressive 3D parallax scrolling effects, inspired by the parallax effect of Apple tvOS.

Among the features they offer, it has:

– It uses pointer events, so it works great with mouse and touch screens at the same time.
– It does not depend on and does not include third party scripts.
– It is only 2 KB minified and compressed with gzip.
– Comes with many customization possibilities

It is completely free and open source (under the MIT license). and you can download it and see examples of how it works at

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