How Metal Gear Made Revolver a Compelling Villain

While he started out as a whimsical one-note starting boss, Revolver eventually became one of Metal Gear’s most infamous and intriguing characters.

metal gear is one of the most influential series in all of video games, being one of the first games to adopt a more cinematic presentation and storyline than its initial premise of super-spy Solid Snake destroying the titular nuclear mecha. The release of the revolutionary Solid metal gear on the original PlayStation introduced players to the intriguing and explosive world in which Snake wages his wars, as well as a host of memorable antagonists with innovative boss battles. However, most wouldn’t have expected the saga’s first boss to become a staple in the Big Boss and Solid Snake arc: the gun-wielding Revolver Ocelot.

As a character, Ocelot was initially more of a note. Aside from his cowboy aesthetic and epic gunshots, Ocelot primarily existed as an opponent for Snake to fight before getting his hand chopped off by cyborg ninja Gray Fox. Midway through the game, the injured Ocelot gets more screen time, further revealing his status as Liquid Snake’s top lieutenant, Solid Snake’s torturer, and the one in control of Meryl’s fate. It’s only in his brief conversations with Snake and Liquid that Ocelot reveals his Russian heritage, with his penchant for betraying his bosses as a double agent appearing in the post-credits scene.

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Metal Gear Solid 1 Revolver Ocelot

Although he did not fight in the game, Ocelot returned in Metal Gear Solid 2: Son of freedom steal the Metal Gear Ray for his supposed boss, Solidus Snake, a perfect Big Boss clone. It was here that Ocelot received Liquid Snake’s arm to replace his missing limb, only for Liquid’s ghost to periodically possess it. Unlike when he worked for Liquid Snake, Ocelot would quickly reveal his status as an agent of the enigmatic Patriots in front of many characters during the game’s climax, leaving the scene as Liquid took him over. Despite Liquid’s interference, Ocelot’s skills of manipulation and charismatic mystique are central to all of his appearances, cementing him as one of the saga’s main villains.

Ocelot would be at his most sympathetic and loyal in the prequel and the series’ chronological start, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Introduced as a young and talented GRU agent, Unit Major Ocelot is no match for future Big Boss, Naked Snake. It is Ocelot’s rivalry with Snake and his desperation to prove himself that drives much of Ocelot’s story as he gradually becomes more skilled and determined in his fights against Snake. While the game’s ending reveals that his Russian loyalty was a sham and his backstabbing tendencies were there all along, the game that establishes Ocelot’s true respect and admiration for Big Boss.

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Solid metal gear 4 Apparently Liquid Snake controlling the body of Ocelot, nicknamed “Liquid Ocelot”, but the truth is much more complex. Ocelot was one of the original founding members of the Patriots alongside his love and idol, Big Boss, inadvertently contributing to the AI ​​computer system that would dominate much of the United States and the rest of the world.

For the most part, Ocelot’s efforts weren’t actually loyalty to the Patriots, but rather intense loyalty to Big Boss as he enacted a convoluted, decades-long plan that would lead to Solid Snake and his friends destroying the system. Sons of the Patriots once. and for all. Never having truly controlled Liquid Snake, everything was according to Ocelot’s master plan, dying like himself when he speaks his last words to his former enemy.

With Ocelot’s true loyalties revealed to longtime players, his appearances in Metal Gear Solid V are almost unusually friendly and jovial. Considering the player controls Big Boss at his peak, it makes sense that Ocelot would show magnanimous respect for the player. The game even confirms that he is in love with Big Boss. The only time he stabs anyone here is the player, the pretender known as Venom Snake, who is only proving his loyalty and love for the one real Big Boss in a plan Venom Snake has. accepted anyway. MGS-V is the culmination of Ocelot’s development as one of the most complex and multi-layered characters in all of metal gear saga, as it is as heartfelt and confusing to the player as the games themselves.

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