Honda’s sports cars are going electric: here’s what we know

WHAT IT IS: Honda plans to launch two electric sports cars in the medium term. The former is being dubbed a “Specialized Model” and, based on the teaser image shared by Honda, it looks like it will have the proportions of a smaller, more affordable sports car. Bringing back the S2000 doesn’t seem like a crazy idea, especially when everyone is resurrecting old model names. It will be the company’s first electric sports car, but not the only one. The second model will serve as the halo, and from its proportions it looks like an Acura NSX with a wilder shape. Honda hasn’t said whether the two cars will carry the Honda brand, but given that the NSX falls under Acura for the North American market, it won’t surprise us to see such a strategy continue.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT: As everyone goes electric, Honda has been one of the more conservative automakers to make the switch. The move puts Honda on the radar, as the Japanese company aims to sell more than 500,000 electric vehicles in North America later this year. With the Acura NSX exiting production after the 2022 model year, this electric halo car could mark its return. And who wouldn’t be excited about an electric car inspired by the S2000?

PLATFORM AND POWERTRAIN: It’s too early to know details, but both of these cars will be based on Honda’s own electric vehicle platform, dubbed e:Architecture. Yes, Honda is working with General Motors to launch two SUVs – the Prologue and an unnamed Acura crossover – but both sporty models will be developed entirely by Honda. We estimate each car will have at least 300 miles of range and a scintillating driving experience.

ESTIMATED PRICE: The “specialized model” should start under $50,000, but the halo model will likely cost upwards of $150,000.

EXPECTED ON-SALE DATE: 2026 for the small model and 2027 for the halo car.

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