Heroes of Arcan, Heroic Fantasy powered by DAO

TALLINN, Estonia, April 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Heroes of Arcan, an epic, win-win heroic fantasy game that aims to place the fate of the world of Arcan in the hands of players in both action and development is set to launch a token and NFT sale event in Q2 2022 that will allow players to participate in the development of the world of Arcan and gain access to ARCAN tokens prior to launch.

Out of 100 million ARCAN tokens minted on the WAX ​​blockchain, 14% will be reserved for the game model to win Heroes of Arcan, 6% for an ongoing private sale in Q2 2022, and 12.5% ​​for the public token sale. An additional 24% will be held in reserve in a community wallet and used to reward players and ARCAN token holders who wager on Heroes of Arcan DAO.

Heroes of Arcan, founded by Thomas Gio, is expected to launch in the middle of Q3 2022. Further information on the Heroes of Arcan project and token sale can be found via social.

The money-making gaming industry has created an NFT-fueled revolution over the past year. In the year 2022, play-to-earn games saw more than $4.5 billion in volume of transactions made via blockchain-based games in more than 754,000 daily active wallets.

However, many play-to-earn games available to players today lack the multiplayer narrative and community features associated with games in the mainstream game market. In many cases, play-to-earn games place a heavy emphasis on generating potentially valuable NFT-based game items that can be sold for a profit through in-game or secondary markets for cryptocurrency.

Heroes of Arcan aims to disrupt the contemporary play-to-win paradigm with heroic strategy gameplay rich in epic storytelling that pits players against each other in a dynamic and evolving fantasy universe. Drawing inspiration from strategic resource and territory management games, MMOs, and hero-focused elements of MOBA games, Heroes of Arcan is positioned to bring “play” back into the “play to win” model.

Building the first epic DAO player-driven fantasy game

Heroes of Arcan launches players into the fantasy world of Arcan, where players join factions and battle across territory fractured by conflict, war, and magical catastrophe of global proportions. The world of Arcan is represented by 20,000 individual pieces of land, each of which is an NFT – players collect sources, build tools, and capture land in order to create structures and collect heroes.

The epic and fantastical narrative of Heroes of Arcan offers gamers who play to win much more than a way to generate profit from their playtime – the developers of Heroes of Arcan have made a concerted effort to create a living world in which their players can form alliances, create and execute new strategies, and create teams of powerful heroes.

Although Heroes of Arcan incorporates many features expected of a strategy game, such as upgradable equipment, structures and tools, harvestable resources and in-game markets for players to trade with each other, a number of Social and governance features make Heroes of Arcan a very disruptive presence in the game to win market.

The dynamic peer-to-peer market reinvents the Play-to-Earn model

Resources, heroes, territories, and other game items from the Heroes of Arcan universe can be freely traded by players through an in-game market. The way Heroes of Arcan handles in-game trade, however, works very differently from static and centralized patterns found in many other play-to-win games.

Rather than operating vertically, Heroes of Arcan’s economy incorporates an organic growth model that promotes player-driven economic evolution and prevents economic imbalances. Arcanium, the in-game currency of Heroes of Arcan, is represented by the ARCAN token, placing control over the flow of value in the world of Arcan in the hands of players.

Transactions and exchanges made with ARCAN in Heroes of Arcan are subject to a fee, which transfers a portion of the fees paid by players using in-game markets to a community wallet. ARCAN held in this community pool is used to reward players who wager ARCAN in order to participate in the Heroes of Arcan DAO.

Heroes of Arcan allows players to interact directly with the governance and development of the Arcan universe by implementing a decentralized self-organizing model – players who stake ARCAN not only receive Community Wallet rewards, but can also propose and vote on changes that will affect the fate of Heroes of Arcan.

Heroes of Arcan’s business model is underpinned by a horizontal gameplay system that ensures new players can gain a foothold in the competitive world of Arcan, eliminating the centralization of resources and in-game power that occurs in many games. other gambling games to win. .

Social interaction plays an important role in the world of Heroes of Arcan. Players new to Heroes of Arcan choose a faction – Diplomatic Preachers, Warrior Conquerors, or Sage Magic Adepts – with which to align themselves. Each faction is represented by a continent in the world of Arcan. Players from each faction can communicate with each other on dedicated Discord servers, opening the door to the formation of player alliances and guilds – or betrayal.

Economic sustainability within Heroes of Arcan is driven by additional features that will include mini-games, seasonal events, and territory updates. The early stages of the game offer power and economic scalability through resource gathering, but later updates will provide players with the ability to improve and upgrade heroes, lands, tools and equipment, create potions and enchantments, or build new architectural elements to add additional elements. layers of economic complexity.

Robust story-driven gameplay

The lore that drives the gameplay of Heroes of Arcan provides players with a storytelling experience far more compelling than any other play-to-win game on the market. The developers of Heroes of Arcan provide a solid narrative and story behind the world of Arcan, immersing players in a world where three factions vie for territorial dominance.

Heroes offer players a powerful way to gain passive perks when gathering resources, as well as a way to explore new territories and access random loot from chests.

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