Flames struggle in ‘measuring stick games’ – Flamesnation


The Flames have cooled off lately.

After a long streak in November that made the team appear as a legitimate contender, the Flames’ play in December and early January raised concerns.

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Calgary has won just two of its last eight games. Both victories came against poor opponents, the Chicago Blackhawks and the Seattle Kraken, while the Flames were given up by high-quality teams, such as the Vegas Golden Knights and, more recently, the Panthers of Florida and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Frank Seravalli and Scott Burnside spoke about the Flames’ record in “measure stick matches” against high-quality opponents and what that says about their status as a legitimate contender in the Western Conference.

Seravalli: “It’s now Darryl Sutter’s duty for the rest of the year, how to put this team in a prime position. They did a really good job keeping the puck out of their net and they scored more than most people think.

How does Darryl Sutter increase this team’s play to the point where they can compete with these teams in the playoffs. They tried to run and shoot with Florida and they were crushed by the Panthers, who are faster and more physical.

You can watch the full episode here, with the Flames chat starting at 6:40 am…


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