Exhibit of Western Flower Arrangements Reveals Hidden Dimensions of Beauty

The Gardenia and Jasmine sections of the Pakistan Floral Art Society are organizing a three-day flower show, titled ‘Creativity Unfolds’, which will end today (Sunday).

The Western Flower Arrangements Exhibition, which is ongoing at the Pearl Continental, also featured awards in four categories – Braiding Beauty with Mystery, Magical Illusion, Textural Diversity and This is My Space.

Salima Feroz, president of the Gardenia chapter of the Floral Art Society of Pakistan, said they were celebrating their golden jubilee through the exhibition.

“We have six clubs all over Pakistan and members of all clubs are present in the exhibition,” she said. About the title of ‘Creativity Unfolds’, she said, “We wanted to portray the creativity of Pakistani women who are flower artists. They can turn trash into something beautiful.

Huma Ehsan’s flower arrangement won Best in Show Away. Her floral arrangement was part of the This is My Space category. It displayed greenery, dryness, happiness and other elements of life.

In the work, she glued wood shavings into a flower arrangement with stems of araucaria plants. Her flower arrangement also had agave leaves with a gradation of color through the flowers.

“This flower arrangement looks simple, but it’s very difficult to make,” she said, adding that it took her two days to cut and shape the arrangement.

Meanwhile, in the Texture Diversity category, Qurra’til Ain Aamir from the Gardenia Chapter won the top prize for Best Use of Texture. “We had to show different textures, like there are smooth textures, rough textures. We had to create a design where we included all the textures and make a design out of it,” she explained.

She used a hard texture and different colors. She used rooster bark, which was rough in texture, with which she used smooth flowers. She also glued in slices of dried oranges and large dried limes. “I used the combination of orange and green,” she said, adding that she used the color white on both ends of her arrangements. She also stuck a lotus in the middle of her arrangements.

On the other hand, Nafisa Tapal from the Gardenia Chapter won the third prize in the This is My Space category for the most elegant design. His design was to use space.

“I used the space according to my own will and tried to create depth in it,” she said. “I incorporated all the principles of the arts and design elements into the flower arrangement.”

She said she picked up driftwood from the roads and used it in her flower arrangement. She polished it and stuck some moss on it. After attaching different woods, she finished it.

She also used locally grown amaryllis plants and exotic flowers. Since Tapal is a teacher of Ikebana, which is a Japanese flower arrangement based on the “less is more” concept, she said she kept her flower arrangement simple.

“For me, space is the most important element,” she said, adding that they made sure the butterflies could move around in their flower arrangements.

Gardenia President Salima Feroz won second prize in the Braiding Beauty with Mystery category. She said she used a wood and for the mystery touch she used kelp, which one got from the sea.

She twisted and turned antlers and braided them. For beauty, she says, she used a white anthurium flower and for connection she used green leaves.

Each flower, she said, was in a tube that had water so the flowers wouldn’t die and then there were also plants that could live without water.

For each design, she says, there was a thought process. “After doing all the homework, you get the idea in the brain as an artist and draw it on paper,” she explained, adding that she developed the structure of her flower arrangement through vine woods.

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