‘Elden Ring’ Launch Trailer Promises a Journey of Epic Proportions


Finally, Hidetaka Miyazaki’s new action role-playing game Ring of Elden is put first. To celebrate this monumental launch just days away, developer From Software has released a trailer that invites you on an epic journey like no other in the Lands Between.

As you can see above, the open-world gameplay is similar to the aesthetic style of past Miyazaki titles. Only this time his darker take on the high fantasy genre (e.g., dark souls) will be supported by the contribution of George RR Martin.

the game of thrones The author helped the team in the early stages of production, coming up with most of the world-building and lore of Lands Between. While it will certainly provide a much-needed narrative boost to Miyazaki’s creative genius in game design, most soulsborne fans will undoubtedly tune in for one reason and one reason only; Incredibly challenging and craze-inducing boss fights.

Well, if that is indeed your concern, then the launch trailer should be enough to ease your worries. Allowed, Ring of Elden will be much more mainstream than hardcore souls trilogy, or transmitted by blood to that, but Miyazaki has promised that his planned new game will retain the spirit of its predecessors.

Ring of Elden
Image credit: From Software / Elden Ring

If you’re not convinced, however, it would probably be wiser to wait until the review embargo is lifted in the coming days, when the critical consensus will roughly determine whether the game worth spending $60.

Ring of Elden is slated for release on February 25 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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