EA and MLS announce the extension of their multi-year partnership

In many ways, Major League Soccer is the fastest growing soccer league in the world. The league has doubled in size since 2007.

As the popularity of MLS continues to grow, the strength of the partnership between the American Football League and EA’s global football brand grows stronger. This week, EA and MLS announced the multi-year extension of their licensing partnership.

As EA looks to continue its focus on a younger market, MLS’s footprint with the target demographic is seen as an asset in the partnership for the game publisher.

“As the global game continues to grow in North America, so does our opportunity to curate football experiences representative of a rapidly growing fanbase,” said David Jackson, vice president of brand for EA Sports FIFA. “As MLS has one of the youngest and most diverse fan populations in North American sports, engaging the next generation in new and immersive ways will become increasingly important. We believe this partnership provides us with a great opportunity to do just that, while continuing to deliver the most innovative and extensive football experiences available anywhere in the world.

According to the press release: “The partnership will deepen the integration of the league within EA Sports’ global football franchise, including FIFA 23 and beyond, to deliver the most immersive and authentic gaming experience. to the millions of MLS fans, one of the youngest and most diverse fanbases in North American sports. The renewed partnership will continue to foster the authentic integration of MLS into the game, with fans able to play with their favorite MLS clubs, players and stadiums.

EA and MLS have released statements affirming the benefits of their continued partnership.

“Major League Soccer is proud to partner with EA as they are aligned with our league’s vision of being innovative and authentic in our approach to connecting with our passionate supporters and the next generation of fans,” said Rachel Hoagland, MLS senior vice president of consumer affairs. Some products. “We look forward to working with EA for many years to come on creative ways to further grow our fan base through interactivity during this incredible period of growth for MLS.”

MLS has its own eSports vehicle and FIFA announced in the press release that it will continue to be a sponsor of the organization’s eMLS League Series 1 and 2 and eMLS Cup.

The multi-year partnership will also manifest itself in enhanced social media campaigns and digital reach across multiple platforms. MLS and several other global football leagues will be represented in the upcoming FIFA 23 which will be released on game consoles and PC on September 30.

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