deadmau5 releases new extra-dimensional music video for “When The Summer Dies”

deadmau5 has released the music video for their latest single “When The Summer Dies” with singer-songwriter Lights. deadmau5 asked fans to create themed dystopian worlds on Core, a platform for user-created interactive experiences. He then announced the Best Worlds selections to use as the backdrop for the new anthemic song during a livestream, and his editing team put together the final video for “When The Summer Dies”. Check out the visual below.

“I’ve been experimenting with the confluence of music and technology for a long time, and now with games I’m able to take it to a whole new level,” deadmau5 said in a press release. “Typically, it takes months and hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to make a music video. In this case, we were able to create a video with stunning 3D worlds in just a few months by outsourcing the creation to the Core community and deadmau5 fans. The quality of the interactive experiences and the speed at which they were carried out was incredible and demonstrates why more and more artists are looking for unique opportunities inside games to extend new experiences to their audiences.

Also known as Joel Zimmerman, he recently announced that the virtual world is called Oberhasli, a world where fans can interact with each other and receive more updates than any other virtual world. “Create a world like Oberhasli has been a vision of mine for years now, but I quickly discovered how intimidating it can be to create a multiplayer experience as a single player developer, ”he said.


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