CYNIC Preview of the new video and song “Sha48 * + 6th Dimensional Archetype”

Season Of Mist will release Cynic’s new album, Ascension Codes, on November 26. Pre-order the album here Where here.

Watch and listen to a preview of the official music video for the all new song, “Sha48 * + 6th Dimensional Archetype”, featuring illustrations by Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman. Full song and video will be released at a later date, stay tuned.

Paul Masvidal comments: “Here is a preview of ‘6th Dimensional Archetype’ from our new album Ascension Codes – with illustrations by Robert Venosa and Martina Hoffman. This album and her upcoming film take us on the journey of Starseed.”

Cynic’s Codes of Ascension is a work of remarkable scope, and at the very least, a clear indication that they have landed in a place of mastery. The album, paradoxically, is both swan song and rebirth.

Michael Berberian, President and Founder of Season of Mist: “I have already released nearly a thousand albums. None has been more dramatic, none has even been more difficult than this one. I can’t listen to Ascension Codes without the goosebumps, a mixed sense of pride – because it’s a musical milestone, but it also contains a lingering layer of sadness. I hear Paul’s pain on this record. I can feel it, I can touch it. But it is transcended. “The art is to console those who are broken by life,” said Van Gogh. Here is a demonstration of that.

List of tracks:

“Mu-54 *”
“The elements and their inhabitants”
“Mythical snakes”
“Sha48 *”
“6th dimensional archetype”
“DNA activation model”
“Architects of Consciousness”
“DU- * 61.714285”
“In a multiverse where atoms sing”
“Diamond Body of Light”

“Mythical snakes”:

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