Council considers extension of deadline for MSP

Jefferson City Council will consider extending the deadline on Monday to reach an agreement with the developers for the Missouri State Penitentiary redevelopment plan.

Under the proposed new schedule, an agreement would not be necessary until January 2023, when construction is to begin, based on the resolution.

Mayor Carrie Tergin has said a deal likely won’t be done before the original deadline at the end of this month, but she doesn’t think it will take the full length of the extension to reach one.

“There will be one,” she said. “We just don’t know when that date will be. Basically it won’t be until the end of December. It’s not quite ready yet.

The resolution would also align the city’s internal timelines – like that of the agreement – with timelines set by the state or additional funding for the project.

For example, the city received a matching grant of $ 1.5 million from the Economic Development Administration for disaster relief.

These funds, along with the nearly $ 1.6 million from city and county sales tax revenue, are expected to be spent on road construction and concrete construction sites in MSP.

In June 2020, city council selected a developer for the project – a team of St. Louis area companies including Chesterfield Hotels, architectural firm Arcturis, Peckham Architecture and Central Missouri Professional Services.

The group’s proposal is to transform MSP’s approximately 30-acre property into a multi-purpose space with a 150-room Tapestry by Hilton hotel and conference center at its heart. Other items proposed include parking garages, a two-plate ice rink, retail, housing and other mixed-use buildings.

Tergin said the city, state and developer are still negotiating the potential for additional space.

The May 2019 tornado damaged some of the prison buildings, which were not part of the initial discussions for the project.

When the city asked for proposals in 2019, the tornado had just struck and developers were asked to include any ideas they had outside of the city area.

This land is still under discussion, Tergin said.

Details of the negotiations are kept confidential until an agreement is reached.

The goal of the city’s deadline, she said, was to make sure the project moved forward as those other deadlines were already in place.

“Since this project is moving forward, which was the whole point of putting those deadlines in there, they’re unnecessary now,” Tergin said.

Consent agenda

City Council will vote on a lease renewal for Fischer Farms for $ 66,614.97.

Bills tabled

• Authorize a contract with Structural Engineering Associates for study and design services related to the reclamation of the Madison Street and Jefferson Street parking lots for $ 320,000 through the parking fund.

Pending invoices

• Authorize a referendum to post $ 4.4 million in bond for the April 5 poll to modernize the sewer system. The city needs the approval of the citizens to seek bonds.

• Changed chapter 29 of the city code, which refers to sewers and wastewater disposal, to reflect federal and state drinking water laws.

• Amend chapter 29 of the city code, which refers to sewerage and wastewater disposal, in order to gradually increase the surcharge for high-resistance waste from 2.8% to 5.8% over the course of over the next six years.

• Amend Chapter 1 to apply state or federal law by default where there is a discrepancy with the city code and allow the city to charge attorney fees when it uses outside attorneys to enforce the law. city ​​code.


• Designation of the Fraternal Order of Police of the City of Jefferson as the collective bargaining unit for police officers.

How to participate

City council will meet in person on Monday, but will have a virtual option due to COVID-19 and social distancing recommendations.

Members of the community can attend the meeting in the City Hall Council Chamber, 320 E. McCarty St., or watch the meeting live via the city’s YouTube page.

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