Constantine leaves Zari the key to a pocket dimension

After a brutal breakup with John Constantine, Zari is left with a mystery and revelation during the Season 7 premiere of Legends of Tomorrow.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 7, Episode 1, “The Bullet Blondes,” which aired Wednesday on The CW.

Zari Tarazi and John Constantine had been cursed lovers from the very beginning of their relationship. As they learned to understand each other and fall in love with each other throughout Season 6 of Legends of tomorrow, they were destined to a devastating end, as is the case with all John Constantine relationships. However, this was the first time that John had been the one to suffer the death curse. While he was eventually resurrected by the Fountain of the Imperium, John left Zari and the Waverider behind to continue his life. Before leaving, he left Zari a mysterious key, telling her that she would know what it was used for possibly. This answer came in the first episode of Legends of tomorrowfrom season 7.

It’s a whole new season with whole new issues like the Legends of tomorrow found themselves stranded in 1925 without a Waverider or future technology. However, Ava placed a black box in the Waverider, giving them a chance to return home. Unfortunately, they found the box empty, putting them back to square one. To top it off, the Waverider Explosion and Black Box caught the attention of J. Edgar Hoover. The Legends panicked, worried about what Hoover might do not only to them but to Gloria, Spooner’s mother. They hid in his house as Hoover made his way inside, but were unsure of their hiding places. They then spotted a locked closet, which gave Zari the idea to use John’s key to unlock it, assuming it was some sort of master key. However, once the button was turned, the Legends were greeted by the hallway of John’s mansion, the House of Mystery.

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Shocked, the Legends assumed the key brought them back to the present until Gary clarified that while they were in the House of Mystery, they hadn’t moved in time at all. They were in a pocket dimension created by Constantine to mimic his home so he could have real privacy. Another interesting fact about this pocket dimension is that it is housed in Hell. With the mystery of the key resolved, Zari found herself even more confused about the gift, wondering why John would leave her such a sorry place. Behrad tried to comfort his sister by suggesting that John give it to her so that she could step away from the spotlight and have time for herself. While Zari pushed her away at first, she chose to spend more time in this pocket dimension as the Legends left to complete the mission at hand.

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Zari’s breakup with John seems to have affected her greatly, as he was the first person to fall in love with Zari Tarazi and not “Dragon Girl”. This season seems to hint at a metamorphosis of Zari, whether physical or mental, that could give audiences a third “version” of Zari. Either way, it’s great to see Zari start to leave Constantine. But the drama does not end there, because next week will find the Legends of tomorrow cross paths with Dr. Gwynn Davies, who will be played by Constantine actor Matt Ryan.

Legends of tomorrow Season 7 airs Wednesday nights on The CW.

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