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An amendment to the agreement with the engineering group working on the River Walk extension has been approved by Lycoming County Commissioners, giving the consultants an additional year to work on their part of the project.

The extended timeline allows more time to complete the design coordination and engineering work required for the project plan, according to Jenny Picciano, community development/chief planner with the county‘s Department of Planning and Community Development.

When complete, the River Walk Extension will stretch from its current endpoint at Maynard Street through Susquehanna State Park terminating at Reach Road.

The extension of the agreement does not involve any additional cost for the county.

Under staffing positions, Commissioners approved the hiring of the following people for the positions listed: Kalen Barnes, Budget and Finance Administrative Specialist, new start date 22/02/2022; Jerri Rook, Executive Secretary of the Courts; Richard Walker, Clerk III in the Courts; Matthew Walker and Gavyn Eisenhower, corrections officers at the prison; and Kyle Dawson, bail officer at the jail.

The commissioners approved several agreements for the 2022 budget items. They are:

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Fiscal Year 2021 Emergency Management Performance Grant Agreement. This provides a 50% matching grant that totally offsets positions in the Department of Public Safety office for their salary and benefits.

The SAVIN Maintenance and Service Agreement with the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Institute. This contract provides victims of crime and others with free and confidential notification regarding the release or escape of an offender.

Resolution 2022-04 for the Williamsport Area Metropolitan Planning Organization Grant Framework Agreement authorizing who may sign. They also approved the Williamsport Area Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Framework Grant Agreement with the Department of Transportation, which is funded by a WATS grant. These are documents that PennDot needs to complete the Master Agreement. It’s a lobby certification, workers’ compensation, non-collusion agreement.

A three-year software training update and support agreement with AMCS Group, Inc. for a PC scale in the Resource Management department.

Amendment to an agreement with Keller Partners and Company, which helps find funding for departmental projects.

Both the Medical Care Flexible Spending Account Plan and the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Plan have been approved. In addition, modifications to both plans were also approved by the Commissioners.

The next meeting of Commissioners will be at 10 a.m., February 24, in the Council of Commissioners Room, First Floor, Executive Square, 330 Pine St.

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