Comments on Max Scherzer’s contract extension do not give any guarantees

The Dodgers caught up with the Giants in the NL West standings just in time for their colossal three-game streak in Los Angeles this weekend.

Dave Roberts’ side suffered an absolute tear in August, making a ridiculous 21-6 to close the gap on San Francisco.

The Dodgers have to thank some of their commercial acquisitions for the increase. However, no addition has had a bigger impact than Max Scherzer, who is 4-0 with a 1.29 ERA and 50 strikeouts since arriving in Los Angeles. The team has won every game he started.

While Scherzer has been a boon to the Dodgers’ decimated rotation, fans want to know if he will stay in LA after the 2021 campaign.

We haven’t heard whether the Dodgers have entered into negotiations with Scherzer, and the three-time winner Cy Young sparked even more questions when he dodged a question about his future with the club.

Max Scherzer has refused to commit to a future with the Dodgers.

“The best part is I don’t have to answer that,” Scherzer told am570 in Los Angeles this week. “There was an element that I could have used the trade deadline as an overtime speech, but for me, I didn’t want to do that. I didn’t want to make it a free agency on the deadline. I just wanted – if I was going to be traded – to go to another team and just try to win.

It’s odd, as rumors leading up to the trade deadline indicated that Scherzer, while he wanted to be dealt with a competitor, would only approve a trade if he had an extension with his new team.

Maybe Scherzer and the Dodgers have both agreed to postpone negotiations until the offseason once the trade is over? After all, Los Angeles is currently in the middle of an epic division run, so creating a potential distraction – especially when Scherzer was turned off – would make very little sense.

It is also smart of Scherzer not to overplay his hand before free agency. If the Dodgers knew they were the only team vying for his signing, it could potentially bring his price down a bit. On the other hand, if LA were to compete with other contenders in the open market, Scherzer’s value would increase exponentially.

At 37, this will be Scherzer’s last chance to sign a lucrative contract. While we have no doubts he’s interested in returning to the Dodgers – he’s made for the big stage, fans love him and they love paying star players too much – you can’t fault him for keeping his options. open, even if it’s just a tactical move.

Considering he’s portrayed by Scott Boras, this news isn’t all that surprising.

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