China denounces US for measuring democracy by its own benchmark

China has denounced the United States for measuring democracy by its own yardstick and deciding whether a country is democratic or not based on its own model.

The United States hosted a two-day virtual “Democracy Summit” Thursday and Friday with the stated purpose of focusing on “the renewal of democracy in the United States and around the world.” Washington invited 100 countries but excluded China and Russia, accusing their governments of autocracy.

Beijing and Moscow lambasted the summit, calling it a product of Washington’s Cold War mentality that will create new rifts in the international community. The summit was also criticized by the mainstream media for seeking selfish gains instead of genuine democracy.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin lamented that the White House measures democracy on its own scale, stressing that Washington is a “destroyer” of democracy rather than its “defender”.

“I have noticed that the media are reporting that the international community reacted coldly to the ‘summit’. Videos of the “summit” were barely viewed on social media platforms. On the contrary, those showing the United States going for military intervention and killing innocent civilians in the name of democracy have gone viral online, ”the Chinese official said at a press conference.

“This demonstrates once again that the pursuit of its own interests by the United States under the banner of democracy finds no support. The “Summit for Democracy” exactly betrayed the true nature of the United States as the destroyer of democracy while stripping it of its disguise as an advocate of democracy, ”Wang said.

He also called on all countries of the world to work together to address global issues, in order to continue to shape a community of destiny for all the peoples of the world.

“In the context of a protracted COVID-19 pandemic, the fragile global economic recovery, and complex and serious global challenges such as terrorism and climate change, what the world needs is not to define which countries are democratic and which do not conform to the standards of a certain country, let alone to stigmatize and oppress other countries, impose unilateral sanctions or engage in military intervention in the name of democracy ”, Wang said.

The Chinese official also called for the promotion of peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, all the common values ​​of mankind, while respecting the standards governing relations. international organizations on the basis of the United Nations Charter.

On November 26, Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov and his Chinese counterpart Qin Gang, in a joint editorial published in National Interest, condemned the summit, describing it as a product of the American Cold War mentality that would create new divisions. in the international community. They also criticized the United States for forcing its own interpretation of democracy on the international community and for inviting like-minded countries to the summit. They further stressed that the world needs the coexistence of countries with different ideologies.

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