Chennai doctors remove 13mm piece of iron from man’s eye

A piece of iron measuring around 13mm was successfully removed from the eye of a 48-year-old man from Nellore at a private city hospital during surgery that lasted around two and a half hours. The patient, a mechanic, suffered an injury to his right eye while repairing a motorcycle.

The incident took place on Wednesday, after which the mechanic was taken to Rajan Eye Care Hospital on Thursday, where medics immediately operated on him.

Speaking to, Dr Mohan Rajan – whose team performed the operation – said a piece of iron from one of the motorcycle parts flew into the patient’s eye and had ruptured his cornea and sclera (white part of the eye). “This produced a cataract known as a traumatic cataract. He was bleeding and had an infection. The piece of iron lodged inside the eye was about 13mm. The eye itself was only 22mm, ”he said.

“We fixed the cornea and the tear in the sclera. Then we removed the damaged cataract and performed a vitrectomy and removed the bleeding inside the eye. The infection (traumatic endophthalmitis) was also cured. We removed the foreign body with great care as we could not damage the underlying retina while doing so. The patient is doing quite well. It will take some time to improve, ”added Dr Rajan. The man was released on Saturday.

“Safety glasses should be worn by everyone. It is not only for people working in industries, but also for carpenters, mechanics, etc. While working, they should use industrial protective eyewear available in the market to avoid injury. It’s like wearing masks for Covid-19, ”added Dr Rajan.

The operation was carried out free of charge as part of the Rotary Scheme & Chennai Vision Charitable Trust. Dr Rajan said the team that successfully performed the operation included Dr Sujatha Mohan, Dr Manoj Khatri and Dr Jeenender Gothi.

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