Canadian brand aims to fill a gap in the plus-size men’s clothing market

The Montreal-based co-founder of Wide the Brand says the company’s goal is to “say goodbye to the stigma surrounding the wide man’s wardrobe and combat the many clichés that surround it.”

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Canadian clothing company Wide the mark is eager to fill a gap in the menswear market.

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The Montreal-based brand offers clothing for plus-size men designed around their unique proportions rather than an industry-standard pattern.

“Our goal was to create clothes for the modern, everyday plus-size man, a fundamental wardrobe staple that can be played down or dressed up, both versatile and effortless,” says co-founder Mahrzad Lari. of the company.

We caught up with Lari to find out more:

Q: For those who don’t know, what is Wide?

A: Wide the Brand is a new clothing line from Montreal designed and produced exclusively for plus size men and our unique proportions and lifestyles. Each design starts from our in-depth analysis of the larger body, as we aim to serve our community through the celebration of our identity. It’s time to break the silence. With garments developed in direct accordance with specific proportions, shapes and sizes, we can now officially say goodbye to the stigma around the large men’s wardrobe and combat the many clichés that surround it. Our silhouettes put the big man first, instead of hiding it. Our fabrics stretch and move with agility, allowing for maximum comfort and breathability.

Q: Who is the target customer?

A: Large men everywhere! Whether you’re an XL or a 6XL, we’re here to offer you clothes designed for your body, cuts in fabrics that move with you throughout the day.

Q: The brand aims to fill a gap in the menswear market. Why do you think there is such a gap in the first place?

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A: The problem is that regular brands only fatten smaller sizes without fitting larger bodies. They do not understand our lifestyles, our needs or our proportions. We are a team determined to change the way plus size menswear is designed, perceived and consumed. Wide the Brand is a state of mind; it is a place, a feeling and a reality. A platform that elevates our customer base through clothing and collections developed with confidence, empowering our men to conquer the world.

Q: What can you share about where the clothes are designed/made?

A: We have chosen to opt for local production and sampling to ensure the highest quality and maintain strong ties with our artisans and industry professionals here in Montreal. Launching during the COVID-19 pandemic made us realize, more than ever, the importance of contributing to our local economy. It was essential for us to take into account our carbon footprint and the impact of our actions on the environment. We have a responsibility to our consumers, but also to ourselves. Developing such a precise line requires skilled craftsmen, and we couldn’t be more proud to share a product designed and manufactured entirely in Canada.

Q: What is the price range for Wide clothing?

A: Our clothes range from $90 to $390. Of course, we’re only at the start of our journey, and as we continue to grow, we aim to offer many different price ranges.

Q: And finally, where can people view them?

A: All our parts are available exclusively on . However, a major Canadian online retailer will also be offering our apparel in January 2022, so stay tuned, lots of exciting things to come in the new year!

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