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LSU football coach Brian Kelly is always up for it, so it’s no surprise he has his plan for his first SEC Media Days appearance. He wanted to “hit a bunch of singles” and avoid making big news.

If so, he succeeded.

Kelly provided a handful of nuggets when meeting with the media Monday in Atlanta.

When he watched the UCLA game, last year’s season opener for LSU, he saw a “tired” LSU team.

Kelly said he didn’t want to criticize any strength coach, but his plan was to have the Tigers fresh and ready for Sept. 4.e Superdome’s first game against Florida State.

According to Kelly, naming a starting quarterback before this game would not give the Tigers a tactical advantage. He left the door open to the possibility of naming a starter at the end of fall camp.

Quarterback Myles Brennan was praised for his leadership, and Kelly went so far as to say he “would love to see Brennan win the job.”

However, Kelly also said LSU’s starting quarterback should play efficiently, throw the ball with precision, make good decisions and help the Tigers out of bad plays.

Kelly noted that offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock would have a say in picking a flagger he felt comfortable with.

The importance of starting this season well was underlined.

Even without coaching a game, Kelly was excited about recent recruiting wins, saying LSU’s haul in 2023 will be good while 2024 and 2025 held even more promise.

Kelly said it was important for LSU to know who all of Louisiana’s outstanding high school players were, but noted that it was impossible to “lock down Louisiana State.”

Kelly said in the transfer portal, LSU is looking for SEC-quality players who have a connection to Louisiana State. The Tigers landed several in the high school, including former New Orleans metro stars Joe Foucha (McDonogh 35) and Greg Brooks (West Jefferson) from the University of Arkansas.

He said LSU fans know what great football looks like and deserve smart football.

What if they hadn’t understood it?

“We get what we deserve,” Kelly said.

An LSU insider, who watched Kelly in action, said the following: “When Saban was here, we were always superbly prepared. If we got beaten, it was because someone was better than us.

“This guy (Kelly) will have us super prepared.”

We discussed LSU football’s total, which this summer was set at seven games.

Journalist: Should I bet more?

Insider: (Smile).



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